Customs Clearance


Customs clearance services are used by both businesses and individuals to move goods through customs more quickly. There are a number of formal procedures that need to be satisfied when importing and exporting goods and this involves certain documents and the payment of relevant duties and taxes. If you do want to send or receive goods on an international level then a customs clearance service will streamline the process and ensure it can be completed as quickly as possible.

Custom Clearance Services

One of the main services provided by customs clearance companies is the preparation of the documentation needed to clear goods through customs. This could include paperwork providing clearance from key government departments such as the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) or  DEFRA (UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)Without the relevant paperwork goods will get stuck at customs and it can take weeks to sort out this out which will waste a lot of your time.  This can be very damaging to your reputation if you are a business as your clients will be left waiting for their order for weeks or even months.

As well as obtaining the necessary permission customs clearance services can help you work out what duties and taxes you need to pay. You do need to know this before you import or export goods as this can add a significant cost in some cases.  This could push your import/exports expenses way over budget and make it a non-viable business option so you need to confirm costs before you start processing orders. Customs clearance services will be able to sort out all of the necessary payments on your behalf and then include these in their invoice.  This is a very easy way for you to ensure you have complied with all the import/export duties and taxes so that your goods will pass quickly through customs.


Customs clearance services can also arrange the whole delivery process for your goods. They will have a number of contacts in the courier and freight industry and will be able to arrange the pick-up of your goods, the international shipping and also the delivery to the final destination. This complete service can be efficient and cost effective and good customs clearance services are fully insured so that if anything goes wrong you will be able to claim for compensation. These services can arrange the most cost effective or fastest option, depending on your priorities.  This can include road, rail, air and sea transport options.


Customs clearance services have to be licensed in many countries so you do need to check this before you take out the service. In the US these services are licensed by US Customs and Border Protection and in the UK by HM Revenue and Customs.

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