Cute Dogs and Women


If you want to get a good score from women, one cute dog can be your ultimate weapon. Women love cute, cuddly, adorable things, and using a little dog to my advantage has never failed me to catch the attention of the girl that I like… or should I say, girls in general?

I once worked in a telemarketing company and like most call centers, my workplace housed hundreds of employees, most of which were overpopulated by women. Thing is, even though there’s a kind of shortage of men, these women never really got to notice us. They oftentimes had their own little worlds where men were the least of their interests, so I tried doing some experimentation one time. Since I just lived nearby, I took my Dauchshound from my apartment for a walk around the perimeter of my office.

Our building had these sets of tables and chairs right outside where employees usually hanged around either while taking their coffee breaks or waiting for their shifts to start. From one end of the area to the other, which I estimate to have been around 40 feet, it took me two hours to finish the walk. Guess why? Well, for every table that I passed by, I managed to get almost every other woman’s name there. And I wasn’t the one who initiated the conversation-they were the ones who approached me!

You’ll be surprised how far one cute dog can get you. Women love cute things and when they notice a cute dog walking around, the next one that they notice in line is you-the owner, and they just find dog-loving men to be very endearing and adorable. If you have a cute little dog with you, especially a puppy, it won’t be difficult to get through the defenses of women, even if they have a blind eye for men.

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