Cute Girl Interview, “Would You Judge A Guy For Premature Ejaculating?”

Cute Girl Interview, “Would You Judge A Guy For Premature Ejaculating?”

My friend Michael ( visited me and FreddyFairHair in Isla Vista a couple months ago. Michael films some cool interviews, so we filmed a bunch with him. For awhile I took the mic and did some of the interviewing too. Lots of fun! Unfortunately, the mic wasn’t turned on for most of my takes lol.. but we got this cool take and I thought you guys would enjoy. 🙂 [SHOW MORE]

We got one really cool take where a girl shared a story about how she supposedly was about to have sex with, in her words, “like the coolest guy at USC”. She said how when she got naked, before any physical contact at all.. this stud prematurely ejaculated. lol. It was an awesome interaction. Unfortunately, that was one of the clips that the mic wasn’t turned on for…. haha. 🙁

I had tons of fun filming these interviews with Michael. Was a great way to be social and interact with girls. Met some really cool people. So decided to switch it up for you guys and upload this footage.

I haven’t really gotten any inspiration to do any pranks / social experiment / pickup videos.. My true passion is making the sharing my insights on life vids. So that’s what I’ll continue to do. But this was nice to switch it up a bit with something a bit more entertaining.

If I want, I could make pranks for awhile and get tons of subs..

Part of my ideology in life is to not do things for the status / external rewards tho. But for the internal. So I am staying congruent to that. But perhaps in the future some inspiration will come to do some pranks again.

But I honestly had a blast doing these interviews. So perhaps some more of this type of video in the future. I’ll see where my inspiration takes me. I’ll be back to doing mainly my insight vlog videos doe.

BTW, I don’t know why I said “I feel like it’s actually the guy’s job to be secure about it” in this video… Lmao. OF COURSE it’s the guys job haha

Shoutout to Brinn (pretty sure that’s her name). Very very cool girl. Great interaction. Awesome girl. 🙂

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