Dealing with sensitive issues – body odour

Dealing with sensitive issues – body odour

Dealing with Sensitive Issues- new from Skill Boosters

Some issues in the workplace are particularly sensitive and need careful handling if they’re to be resolved effectively – and if employers are to avoid legal action or tribunal claims.

Whether it’s broaching someone’s bad body odour, tackling issues around cultural or religious differences or addressing concerns about someone’s inappropriate dress or behaviour, being able to tackle sensitive issues in the workplace is an key skill that can mean the difference between a happy, productive workforce and one that’s plagued by absenteeism, poor employee relations and low productivity.

The training looks specifically at dealing with issues around:

• Health and wellbeing, such as obesity, personal hygiene, alcohol and substance abuse and mental health;

• Personal life, such as family and relationship problems, caring responsibilities and bereavement; and

• Behaviour, such as bullying and harassment, professional image and conduct, religious and cultural differences and offensive body language

Combining thought-provoking original drama with insight from leading workplace psychologists, ‘Handling sensitive issues’ from Skill Boosters examines how to address and resolve delicate issues in the workplace and keep your staff supported, engaged and motivated.

Participants will learn how to:

• use effective, practical strategies to address sensitive issues
• lead with care and compassion
• understand their duty of care and responsibilities for employee welfare
• avoid legal action and employment tribunals when addressing sensitive issues with employees
• build an open and supportive working environment in which sensitive issues can be raised and addressed

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