Decameron Panama


Travelers to Panama come to the country in search of a dream holiday. While some want to experience an adventure in the rainforests here, others want to discover the rich marine life in the waters and still others look forward to a leisurely holiday. One of the secrets to Panama’s tourism is the ability to offers its travelers so much. It is thus, not surprising that visitors to the country return to it time and again and often buy real estate here.

On the Pacific coast of the country lays Decameron Panama. This world famous beach resort is only a 90 minute drive from Panama City and a great way to begin your Panama holiday. It is on the spectacular Costa Blanca. Decameron is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country and is frequented by international as well as domestic visitors. Most visitors to this exotic resort return time and again because of the wonderful service and service it offers.

Things to do
You can enjoy staying at the several resorts and hotels in the area. Most tourists prefer to stay at the Decameron because of its high quality of service and its spectacular location. Since Decameron Panama is a part of the international Decameron group it upholds a very high standard.

What to expect
Decameron offers visitors a complete holiday and you can quite literally choose how to spend your vacation. You could choose to laze by the pool or on the beach or join in the many activities the resort offers. If you have never been scuba diving, then here is your chance to take your first lessons. After all you are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world that offers some of the most wonderful diving areas. Get ready to discover untouched reefs and see plenty of marine life. Go kayaking in the sea or enjoy horse riding and a host of water sports here. The resort can also help organize tours around the area and help you discover the local culture and community a little better.

The restaurants here offer a range of cuisines and are sure to keep you happy. The international influence of visitors to the country is well seen by the range of cuisines on offer and the wonderful preparation.

The beach front property has its own private beaches. You may also enjoy availing services such as the spa, casino and the golf course. Decameron is truly a holiday for the complete family. Hotels have shows and games planned for the kids. This ensures that everyone has a great time and takes home some great memories of their holiday. The staff here is friendly and multilingual and makes your stay more comfortable and enjoyable.

The Royal Decameron Panama has over 800 rooms. Each room boasts of a spectacular view and has interiors that perfectly complement it. The resort seems to have found a fine balance in blending the past with the present. On the one hand it offers modern facilities and on the others its d├ęcor reflects the rich history of the country. Do remember that if you are planning a trip during peak tourist season, from December to April, then book your rooms in advance. Early bookings are also sometimes entitled to discounts. You could also opt for a little more privacy by booking into a villa.

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