Decorating With Moroccan Decor


The Moroccan decorating style is one that conveys both elegance as well as mystery to your home. Moroccan décor brings together Islamic, Persian, African, and Mediterranean influences, mixed with those from Spain, Portugal and France. Often Moroccan décor can be said to be a blend of the outdoors located indoors as it is reminiscent of a posh desert oasis.

Think exotic as in Marrakesh, Tangier and of course Casablanca then add a sprinkling of romantic interludes to the look. The exotic flair of these locations is not only extremely sensual but infinitely mysterious.

The colors of Moroccan décor are simple, borrowing from the ocean with its greens and blues, Sahara sands gleaming golds and silvers, and incredible sunsets that paint the desert with its warm oranges as well as its vibrant reds. The furniture is detailed with elaborate mosaics and often is sumptuously hand carved, and terra cotta tile figures heavily in amazing detail.

Fabrics will need to be both well-appointed as well as sensuously lush and will need to be draped over window frames, furniture and even over the ceiling. Swagged canopies made of luxuriantly hued silks and veils will add the note of sheer mystery to the room. Be sure to add a myriad of throw pillows to achieve the true Moroccan look, and use Persian rugs on the floors for complete comfort.

Lighting is never brash nor bright white unlike the modern “look.” Instead it is soft and dissipated through colored glass, or tiny holes from various cut metal lamps that are hung from the ceiling, reminiscent of exotic candlelight. Because the lighting is soft, part of the Moroccan “look” involves mirrors strategically placed throughout in order to surround the room with supplementary reflective soft light. Mirrors are especially exotic when framed in mother of pearl inlays.

Be sure to scatter plants throughout your Moroccan décor as well as pillows. The more exotic plants such as banana trees will highlight the southern warmth of this kind of décor. Place the plants in colorful pots and even in baskets to bring the outdoors into your Moroccan nest.

Introducing sensual scents into the room often helps to create the desert ambiance of the room. Choose diffused scents of exotic spices such as saffron, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Incense or scented candles can be used cleverly to add the ideal finishing touch to your room.

Regardless of what specific furniture or veils you may use, always keep in mind that a Moroccan styled décor at all times uses the highest quality textures as well as the richest styling available. You room needs to evoke complete relaxation, as that is partly what makes it as romantic as Morocco is. Fountains that trickle in the background will cement the romantic look you are trying to achieve.

Lest you forget, be sure and have the soft strains of the seductive Andalusian classic music that is Morocco playing in the background. The music should have plenty of lutes and drums, which are both sensual and evocative of a beating heart, thus it is the perfect accompaniment to the romantic Moroccan style you’ve achieved.

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