Denon Ah-nc732

By Akazgea

Denon AH-NC732

I was looking for an on the ear model, and considering the better reviews this gets over the JVC high end model (in the rarity club of the audiophiles), I decided to go with this one.

The sound quality is great. I cannot make a clear assessment of how it compares to Bose models or ATH-ANC7, but the sound is rich. It is clear and detailed enough to have a highly satisfactory experience with the few genres I listened to.

The noise canceling works well, but not as great as ATH-ANC7, or the Logitech one I owned. I cannot say I am not satisfied cause I am, after all this sits on the ear, instead of covering it, and even if the active noise canceling works as good as those other ones, it loses to the ones above because they also seal the ear. That brings us to the question, why then in the package it mentions 99% noise canceling? I definitely have no idea. But, with the number of noise canceling headphones hovering around, and many telling obvious lies about their performance, I find it no surprise even the trusted brands not avoiding such tricks. Too bad, ATH-ANC7 model was discontinued. And not to make a disservice to its noise canceling performance, the hiss it generates is comparable to ATH-ANC7 (one of the lowest levels you can imagine). I think it is a bit higher, yet, not high enough to give additional disturbance.

Denon AH-NC732

Regarding the build quality, it is good. It is definitely a durable headphone (unlike the cheap looking Able Planet NC600), and highly comfortable. That said, the cable plug-in section is wrongly placed. It should be closer to the front not to the back. This way, when you move your head backwards, you feel its impact. And secondly, the compression it needs to place it in its bag is a bit annoying. I am sure, some people damage it just to correctly place it in its protective case. And, the initial placement inside the original bag was not a good one either. Takes some minutes to remove it from the bag, gently.

Ignoring the some troubles I had related to its storage, I think this is a nice deal. Good comfort, high sq, and one of the better nc performances…

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