Dental Care – Bleeding Gums Signals Oral Hygiene Problems


Bleeding gums are something many people notice when they brush their teeth vigorously or when flossing their teeth.  Although some people may consider this as a normal event, it can also be a sign of something more serious. The symptoms are very similar to those of swollen gums, and usually when one is present, so is the other. In this case, not having good oral hygiene habits may be the culprit.

This type of infection is caused when bacteria grow and forms a sticky residue on the teeth and under the gum line called plaque. If left unattended, it could progress to gingivitis, the top dental problem for people over 18, or indicate serious medical conditions whose symptoms just happen to show up in the mouth.

The immune system sends white blood cells to the affected area which causes inflammation which results in bleeding, swelling and in some cases receding of the gums. If ignored, where the plaque is allowed to harden and accumulate, periodontitis, a chronic condition can occur that causes a separation of gums from the teeth.

Additionally, when this occurs pockets of infection develop in the spaces created which results in bone loss and worse teeth become loose, move around and eventually may fall out. Inflamed gums are thought to be the cause of more lost teeth than through tooth decay.  Either way you need to consult a dentist at the first sign of persistent gum bleeding.

Causes for bleeding gums may be traced to neglected gums, teeth or mouth. Bleeding gums are a sign of an unhealthy mouth, because there is no known natural cause. If you are suffering from this and you prefer a non-medical remedy, try changing your eating habits, such as eating three meals a day, include the appropriate amount of vegetables and fruit and most importantly, if you snack between meals, avoid carbohydrates.

If you are not someone who enjoys fruit, an alternative is supplements. For example, it’s important to maintain a good level of vitamin C in your body which assists in maintaining healthy gums.  An additional supplement, co-enzyme Q10 is also known to be helpful in some cases for people who suffer from bleeding gums.

Unfortunately the most common reason for developing bleeding gums is simply because people do not follow a consistent routine for cleaning their teeth and gums. This involves more than brushing two or three times a day, but also the use of floss, mouth wash and regular teeth cleaning from a dentist. It’s imperative that you make it a habit to practice good oral hygiene habit because it is essential for the prevention of plaque build-up, which is a dire threat to your gums as well as to your teeth.

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