Departure Ep. 1: Departure (or “Space Travel Agent”) – ASMR Sci-Fi Series

Departure Ep. 1: Departure (or “Space Travel Agent”) – ASMR Sci-Fi Series

Hiya my fellow Tingleheads, I missed you! Thank you all for being patient with me 😀 It’s been a very busy time for me lately but, with the little free time available, I was finally able to get another video out. Also, now that I’m back on track, I’d like to return to my regular shooting schedule 🙂 This video is for all of you lovers of sci-fi and futurism. In addition to taking requests, my other goal for this channel is to create ASMR videos that immerse the viewer in new worlds. This video is another step in that direction. Enjoy!

Intro Music:
“dead Verstorben” by Udo Pohlmann and licensed under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0), for commercial use. The song & Creative Commons license can be found at the following links:

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Common triggers included: personal attention, tapping, up close, soft spoken, whispering, panning sounds

If you’ve happened upon this video on accident and want to know what ASMR is, a description of the phenomenon can be found here:

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