Depression – Does Alcohol Help or Hurt?


There are a couple of problems that seem to go hand in hand, usually one being done for the other. These problems are the over consumption of alcohol and clinical depression. Many people who are depressed and drink on a regular basis in order to help to numb the depression to a certain extent and to relax in the evening. The same is also true of those who drink on a regular basis and feel as though they are depressed as a result. The two of these problems may actually have more to do with each other than you realize.

Hopefully this article has helped you and you have learned from it.

Although alcohol may seem like a stimulant when used to a certain extent it is actually a depressant. People who drink alcohol on a regular basis are not lifting their mood at all, rather they are lowering it in many cases. Not only does the alcohol itself have this depressing effect on the body and mind, it also helps to release many chemicals in the body which can do the same thing. There is another reason, however, that alcohol may be adding to your problems with depression.

Many people who are depressed also tend to find that they are having a problem with weight as well. Alcohol is not doing you any favors as far as your weight is concerned and in order to overcome depression, you need to make sure that your body is as healthy as possible. By giving up alcohol if you drink regularly, you’re giving yourself a better opportunity of maintaining a healthy weight and dealing with the depression naturally instead of with a mind altering drug.

Finally, don’t fool yourself into thinking that alcohol is going to help you to sleep at night. Many people who are depressed have a difficult time falling asleep, especially when the depression is coupled with anxiety. You may feel that it is a good idea to drink in order to overcome this anxiety and to relax your mind to the extent where you can fall asleep. In reality, however, alcohol may be keeping you from falling into a deep sleep and getting the needed rest and that is necessary in order to fight off the depression that you are feeling. You would be much better to try some relaxation techniques in the evening in order to help yourself sleep properly.

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