Designer Beverages And The Pur3x Review


Everyone not living in a hut these days knows that the world is designer crazy. There are designer labels for everything from your head to your toes, your car, your golf clubs, your eyeglasses, your mini-blinds, draperies, lunchmeat, tomatoes, and even your beverages are now designer labeled. That’s where we come in with another multi-level marketing upstart and this Pur3x review.

Multi-level marketing has always seemed more hype and energy for perhaps a couple of hundred people who have the real get up and go to actively pursue clientele and down line. These kind of people seem to be like your much loved but avoided Uncle Joe because although he’s a great guy, he always wants your folks to invest and sign up for his latest money-making miracle. The products sound wonderful and the money sounds good too, but poor Uncle Joe doesn’t seem to realize that not everyone has his drive, energy and seemingly endless number of contacts.

Drive, energy and endless numbers of contacts appear to be what multi-level marketing is all about, and if you have all that, you can probably make money. Find a new product, buy some, sell some, but mainly, get other people to sign up under your tutelage so that you can make money off of them.

The Pur3x Beverage Club MLM is really no different, although to listen to their videos and happy marketers, it’s the best MLM there has ever been. They don’t take advantage of you; you get a lot of money from your down line, a lot of support and training, the commissions are great, so on and so on. Sound familiar? One thing that Pur3x offers is a “filler” program that puts people in your down line that you may never meet because they signed up to be a distributor via the official web site and not through a normal sponsor. This helps you out by providing some down line that you didn’t have to work for.

Designer beverages are what Pur3x sells and the concept sounds enticing. So far their line up only includes three players and a fair number of accessories such as nifty shirts and baseball caps. Their logo bears an odd resemblance to the Playboy bunny of years ago.

These designer beverages are designed with a specific health goal in mind. Designer beverage Renew provides energy and caffeine, B vitamins, Ginseng, Guarana, and claims there’s no energy crash later; Revolution is full of fruit and vegetable juice, B vitamins, antioxidants and other health enhancing supplements, with no added caffeine, artificial coloring or flavoring. The newest designer beverage, Passion, appeared on the market in April 2010 and it is purposed to enhance your libido and sexual prowess with the help of natural herbs and supplements, fruit juice, vitamins and no caffeine, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservatives or sodium.

These all actually sound pretty good, and if you are a prolific energy drink, or health drink consumer, it might just be worth the $ 150 price of having a box of 48 cans (minimum) delivered to your home every month in order to become a distributor. That’s a bit over $ 3 a can, but it’s a designer beverage, so you would expect to pay more than you would for your average energy drink at the convenience store.

Once you have sponsored three people you will start earning commission. You can earn $ 6.00 per box commission on each box your down line purchases/sells. With your three sponsors and their three sponsors, you can make a whopping $ 75.00 a month and sit back and rake in the profits from their work. Sounds great.

But, maybe you really are one of those high energy, go-get-um type of people and this Pur3x review just sounds like sour grapes to you. This really could be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for. So, here’s more power to you and good luck with your new venture. I’m sure you’ll be bumping into Uncle Joe out there.

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