Life is all about compromising is what the weak say. Desire everything is the new mantra. When you desire tradition you may have to compromise on attitude. When you desire royalty you may have to compromise on simplicity. When you desire pure art you may have to compromise on modernization.

Here is an answer to everything you desire for, in fashion. You are offered a work of art which combines contemporary and modern styles, a collage which represents India and successfully combines all aspects of traditional silk banarasi saree making.

Silk, the trademark of every auspicious event in the Indian household has been modernized. This saree showcases a honeycomb design with splendorous motifs. Silk from banaras, patterns from across India make this saree something special.

But the saree has a soul of simplicity. Even though it has a bold pallu, the way it blends in with the rest of the saree makes it unique. The saree has colors that represent simplicity and harmony with nature and the urban lifestyle. The honeycomb designs hold within it beautiful designs that have been around since the time these sarees were first woven.

The old designs have been given a new lease of life by subtle coloring that showcase the acceptance of international trends by Indians. The pallu is not completely engrossed with zari as it traditionally is but has a peach ending which represents change as against contemporary mindsets.

Matching blouse in sage green brings about the complete effect of a masterpiece. Border that is proportioned in such a way that it blends with the total effect created by the saree is a plus point. The patterns of borders match too.

With minimum accessories this saree can be the star of any show with ease. Do not miss this piece of art and regret that you cannot get everything in life. Grab what comes to you.

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