Detox Diets – Lose Weight Like the Celebs


More and more celebrities are jumping on the detox diet bandwagon, claiming that they can lose weight and feel healthier in the process. While the results seem true, many people still question whether or not a detox diet can make their lives any different.

The Argument

Toxins surround us in our everyday environment from the foods that we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, and the various plastics and household cleaners we use. We spend a lot of time thinking about pollutions effects on the world, but often fail to realize how pollution affects us.

As our bodies absorb these toxins we often find that a poor diet, or lack of exercise, or even dehydration can cause the body to simply store the impurities in fat cells rather than get rid of them. This build up of impurities inside can lead to all sorts of issues, from headaches and muscle pain, to weight gain, bloating, acne, lethargy, and constant flu-like symptoms.

The Remedy

Each detox diet is structured a little differently, but all of them strive to have the same result: healthy elimination of toxic impurities, weight-loss, and healing of symptoms.

Some detox diets will contain supplements, others will not. If you decide to try a diet that has none, strongly consider picking up an anti-oxidant supplement. It will help protect your muscles and other tissues from the attacks of free radicals that are often loosed during a cleaning.

It’s important to do two things on your detox diet: One, follow all the instructions through to the end. Ending a detox diet prematurely is never a good idea, and can make you sick. Secondly, be sure to drink plenty of water so as to help flush out toxins.

The Verdict

Detox diets and thinner, more healthy bodies aren’t just for celebrities. As always, consult your doctor before going on any sort of diet so that your body is receiving the utmost care.

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