Developing a Simple System For Bikini Line Grooming – The Shave

20000212 – Clint and Carolyn’s wedding reception – 15_People Dancing – Electric Slide, Etc (HQ) (7m58s) (divx) (CUT OFF ON FLICKR, VIEW FULL VERSION ON YOUTUBE)

The DJ played the Electric Slide at least twice, but one of those times was because Clint’s mom requested it. This is about as traumatizing as The Macarena. At one point, the cameraman joins in the dancing while simultaneously recording.

Allyson, Andrew, Beth, Blake, Bonnie, Brent, Britt, Carolyn, Chuck, Dad, Dave, Duke, Emily, Eric, Eve, Gerald, Gerard, Helen, Jay, Jennifer, Julie, Kipp, Laine, Margaretha, Mark, Mary, Mike, Mom, Roger, Samantha, Sarah, Todd, Vicky.

February 12, 2002.
Pic by Tony Turchiano.

Ally is my aunt (mom’s sister).

Beth is my aunt (mom’s sister).

Blake is my cousin (mom’s sister Beth’s son).

…Friends may know Brent as Mark I’s older brother.

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Duke Gravely is my uncle (mom’s sister Marcia’s ex-husband). Friends may know him as cousin Nathan and Eve’s dad.

Emily is my cousin (mom’s sister Ally’s daughter). She just had a kid; the first of the next generation.

Gerald is my uncle (mom’s sister Ally’s husband).

Gerard Sawyer was Carolyn’s grandfather (Carolyn’s dad’s dad), who died in 2004.

Laine is my cousin (mom’s sister Beth’s daughter).

Margaretha Sawyer is Carolyn’s grandmother (Carolyn’s dad’s mom).
Mike is my uncle (mom’s sister Beth’s husband).

BACKSTORY: Clint’s family friend, Tony, videotaped our wedding reception. He went around to everyone asking for advice for the bride & groom.

By Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) on 2009-04-02 06:32:55

Within the realms of female grooming, bikini hair removal is not only a perfectly common occurrence, it has also become a necessity. I doubt many of us have gone to the beach or a resort where people are clothed in bathing suits, and have been exposed to any bikini lines that haven’t been groomed in some manner.

It is safe to say this has become a standard practice for women, and in this day and age, for many men as well. Sports men as well as women remove hair from their bikini areas. Famous men and women do. Our neighbors do. Members of our family do. We do.

However not everything is quite as simple as it appears at first glance.

Let us look at some facts:

yes, I do need to groom my bikini line
yes, the extent depends mainly on the size of the swimming suit or shorts
yes, there are times I develop a rash
yes, there have been times when I have cut myself
yes, it is embarrassing when obvious signs are visible, be it missed hairs or skin irritation.

Most people develop a system. After all systems are in vogue. We apply a system for waking up, perhaps turning off the alarm clock and rolling over. We apply a system for going to sleep, for dressing, for putting on our shoes. In a short period of time these systems, without our noticing, become habits. Some habits are good, as they allow us to reach our goals; while some habits are not so good as we do not reach the goals we have set, but instead we keep on repeating our actions with the same results.

We set up systems and habits, perhaps unconsciously perhaps not, but we do so, so as to simplify our lives, to speed up our actions. If we have to think and plan all of our actions everyday, every time, we would probably spend more time thinking about things than doing anything at all.

What has all this to do with bikini hair removal?

As grooming your bikini line is part of many people’s routine setting up a practical system that can turn into a habit has great advantages. The point being, to set up a practical and effective routine (effective and practical being the key words), a little prior thought should allow us to obtain the desired results.

This takes us onto: Developing A Bikini Hair Removal System

A quick look at what we don’t want:

to try out everything that has been invented under the sun
to make it a long and complicated process
half hearted results
excessive investment in time or money
In short we want a great looking bikini line – which includes not only symmetry in our bikini line, but the most natural look possible.

If we look back at our system requirements and our “don’t want” list, we find a guiding light: we must keep it simple. (A most practical way of looking at life as well – from bikini hair removal to principles of life…)

Therefore to keep it simple, we shave. And just to complicate thing a bit, we have two choices: we can use a razor or we can use an electric shaver.

To use a razor, we:

trim the hair, to avoid clogging the razor
moisten it as when shaving any area, but more importantly because our pubic hair is coarser
apply shaving foam generously
shave using gentle strokes, and go over shaved area without foam
shave carefully and patiently.

To effectively use an electric shaver, we follow the instructions. The main ones being:

apply to short hair -if hair is longer, trim.
apply it to dry hair, as moisture softens the hair and complicates its removal.
we try it out softly and gently anticipating our visit to the beach as well as the few days our skin may require to adjust to this new system.
we add talcum powder or baby powder after we have shaved.
we do it again

So the end result is, we have removed hair from our bikini line, we have done so quickly and effectively and we can do so again whenever we want to. We have applied a principle of life, we have kept it simple.

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