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Outstanding performance. Impressive range. Surprising weight. You want to continue flying where single engine pilots have no more option? Then the DA42-VI is your first choice! Built out of light-weight, strong glass and carbon fiber and powered by two Austro Engine top-of-the-line 168 hp AE300 jet fuel engines the successor of the DA42 NG combines all the advantages you love in the NG with even better performance and comfort.

Well-designed with new accents such as improved surface, revised cowling and nacelle and a new propeller, this aircraft was built to exceed your expectations.

Forget everything you know about operating an airplane. Forget about engine management, rough takeoffs and landings, inherent safety risks, and twin-engine operations—oh, and half of the performance charts. The swashbuckling image of the pilot barely surviving as he wrestles the airplane to the ground is gone. In its place is a smart, savvy cockpit manager who oversees complex systems with a few simple button pushes that take him anywhere he wants to go, in comfort and unique style. The new Diamond DA42-VI is on the leading edge of light airplane technology.

For some, airplanes should be sexy. For others, fast. And for some, fun. Diamonds are for the practical among us. With more than 20 improvements over the DA42 NG, the new DA42-VI is the ultimate in practicality. It’s not blazingly fast, but you will get there surprisingly quick. It won’t carry everything but the kitchen sink, although it will do just fine with full fuel, two people, and bags. The inside isn’t roomy, but the new seats are cool and comfortable. Nothing the airplane does is flashy, but everything it does, it does very well. When it comes time to sign the big check, this airplane prompts the head to drive the pen.

The DA42-VI is wonderful. She does everything you promised. TAS 175-180 with a fuel burn of 13 gph total at altitude. Climbs like a rocket through the ice layer, 1350 fpm and still 1100-1200 at altitude. Radar is great. Use it a lot. Data link is great. Weather and sending emails and SMS at altitude. I don’t think there is any other piston twin that comes close price/performance-wise. For those of us who don’t want to spend what it takes to fly a turboprop, the DA42VI is the perfect airplane.

Note regarding model “DA42 NG” and name “DA42-VI”: The DA42-VI is the latest and improved version of the DA42 NG model. We point out that the name “DA42-VI” is used for marketing purposes to improve differentiation from the “DA42 NG”. However the model designation for both aircraft is the same. Therefore all DA42-VI technical documentation (such as type certificate, AFM, AMM, etc.) are issued with the model designation DA42 NG.

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