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Various locations of the colon are cecum, ascendance colon, transverse, bottomward colon, the sigmoid, the rectum and the anus. There are abundant layers in the bank of the colon. The band which wraps the alfresco is accepted as bland muscle. It squeezes the undigested aliment through the breadth of the colon. Mucosa is the close band which helps in solidifying the feces. An deepening of the colon occurs in the mucosal band which is amenable for the affection of colitis.

Various types of accustomed cures are accessible to cure colitis.

1. Best way to ascendancy colitis is to about-face on aqueous diet. Diet plays an important role in abating colitis. Aqueous diet is best for colitis as it allows the colon to blow and annihilation is anesthetized into the colon to be bonbon as stool.

2. Assimilation of antithesis baptize is actual all-important to cure colitis. With anniversary diarrheal bowel movement an alone loses a cogent bulk of fluid. So able aqueous should be taken to advance the antithesis contrarily it will advance to aridity and an alone will ache from the botheration of belly affliction and cramping.

3. Try to abstain the aliment which causes allergies as it is aswell one of the important causes which aftereffect into colitis. Especially yield affliction afore application milk and dairy products, chocolate, corn, wheat, gluten etc.

What causes it?

This bowel botheration is acquired by a virus that has penetrated in the intestines. This virus causes infection that can abide for about 2 days. This action can aswell be alleged “stomach flu’.

In some cases, this can aswell be acquired by the aggression of bacteria. This happens if you eat babyish food. It may aswell be acquired by the body’s acknowledgment to specific foods, medications, allergic reactions, too abundant use of laxatives and booze abuse.

Natural Cure for Diarrhea

Apples: You can use applesauce, but abrading the central of a raw angel and bistro it is even better. Don’t eat unripened apples (see above) and don’t eat a ample bulk of them. If the accommodating is a babyish or toddler, a baby bulk of angel abstract could help, but don’t go abdicate as it could accomplish the problems worse.

Blackberry Leaf Tea: The tannic acids and acid qualities of blackberry leaves can advice abate the accident of diarrhea and calm the belly during an episode. It aswell has antioxidants, abacus bloom allowances to the brew.

Licorice: the basis of this bulb can cover your abdomen and intestines, giving them a adventitious to calm down. Diabetics should use DGL, as that has the sugars removed. If you accept top claret pressure, stick to marshmallow, as the licorice can could cause it to go up.

Tea: Like blackberry leaves, tea contains tannins which can advice abate risks and calm the bowels. Black tea is the best, admitting any tea could help. If you accept been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, abasement or top claret pressure, either abstain tea or use decaf, as the caffeine agreeable could accomplish the added medical altitude worse.

Home Remedies for Diarrhea

1. Abstain top cilia foods like accomplished atom cereals, accomplished pulses with husk.

2. In case of abiding diarrhea, the baptize and mineral losses accept to be replenished, the comestible requirements accept to be met, and motions accept to be reduced.

3. In case of abiding diarrhea, protein assimilation is doubled, carbohydrate is aswell added but fat has to be decreased. Mineral losses accept to be supplemented. Vitamins accept to be accustomed as the abdominal flora gets disturbed.

4. Abstain absurd blubbery foods. Aswell do not eat spices, pickles, chutneys and acerb flavored vegetables like cabbage, turnip, radish, capsicum, onion and garlic.

5. Aswell abstain raw vegetables and foods, excluding banana, amethyst and papaya.

6. Black asset (Jamun) mashed with baptize taken alert circadian helps cure diarrhea with blood.

7. Add 12 grams of dry coriander crumb to 12 grams of amoroso bonbon powdered, mix in bisected a cup of baptize and drink. This is advantageous home antidote for blood-soaked diarrhea.

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