Diet And Home Remedies For Colitis


Colitis is a disease of the colon, which is a part of the large intestine in between the cecum and rectum. The disease is marked by acute pain and inflammation in the colon often due to ulcerous growth around the walls of the passage. It is also often accompanied by several other chronic conditions. This condition is caused primarily because of severe pressure on the walls of the colon for a prolonged period of time. Dire constipation, indigestion, high-stress lifestyle, or unhealthy food habits can all be the cause of this condition. At other times, antibiotics or other medicines taken in excess dosages or food allergy can cause this condition. A lot of people suffer from this condition because of irregular and inadequate bowel movements or even due to their digestive system being incapable of digesting certain type of food.

The condition of Colitis is marked by extreme pain towards the lower abdomen. It is also accompanied by frequent discharge of stool, blood in stool, and an extreme impulse to clear the bowels. A patient, who suffers from this condition for extended period of time, shows signs of extreme weakness due to rapid loss of blood from the body. Also, because the stool that patients usually pass is watery there is a marked loss of fluid from the body, leaving the patient weak, sometimes with high fever and a tendency to doze off into sleep repeatedly. Patients have also been known to lose all taste sensations for food.

There are a number of home remedies that act as treatment for this condition. Because the disease is intricately related with the food intake, it helps a lot if you follow a strict diet chart that is easy on your digestive system and bowels. Fruits, for instance, and especially apple and bananas form the most important element in the diet for a Colitis patient. Banana helps in clearing the bowel movement and it is advisable the patients consume at least a few bananas everyday to ensure that their bowels are clear on a daily basis. Apple, on the other hand, is rich in iron and phosphate and helps the patient regain strength, by helping in the formation of blood. It is best to boil the apple before serving it to the patient. Also, papaya is extremely good for patients with this condition; it is helpful to have ripe papaya or its juice regularly.

Boiled rice with fresh curd is also an effective remedy for this condition of the colon. Patients must be given a liquid heavy diet, because in this condition there is excessive drainage of body fluids. Coconut water and buttermilk are really helpful as a remedy for this condition. It is advisable to take a drink of coconut water or buttermilk at least thrice or four times during a day. In general, it is advisable for Colitis patients to take a diet rich in green leafy vegetables like cabbages. Patients should rigorously avoid all citrus fruits and of course all kinds of junk food and carbonated drink. A stress free life and healthy diet is an infallible way of preventing diseases like Colitis.


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