Diet is a Dirty Word With Fat Burning Foods


If ever there was a dirty four letter word in our society it is “diet”. I don’t know a single person who hasn’t been on a diet at some point in their life, and if we are talking about women, most of them are rarely off a diet. Once they understand the science behind fat burning foods, diet becomes a word they never need to hear again.

Modern Foods are Killing Us

Not too long ago, people ate real food, grown locally, with a minimum of chemicals. They were healthy, robust and energetic. Today we eat foods that are so far removed from their origins, geographically and nutritionally, that our bodies have no idea what to do with them.

We pack in sugars, chemicals and other strange, modified ingredients and call it food. Sorry folks, but if you have any doubts about the effects of such foods, look at the obesity and heart disease crisis we are facing. The way we eat today is killing us, slowly.

What the Cavemen Knew

Okay, they may not have actually understood the science behind what they did, but cavemen restricted their diet because they didn’t really have the technology that we do today. They ate food that was as close to its natural state as possible. Whether that meant protein sources that had fed on the grasslands outside their homes, or picked and ate raw vegetables, fruits and nuts, or drank fresh water, they got exactly what they needed nutritionally.

We would do very well to try to emulate that kind of diet. We should also start following their movement patterns. Walking for miles to find your favorite berry bush isn’t exactly practical or necessary any more, but increasing your activity level by parking further from the office door or taking the stairs instead of the elevator all help.

Fat Burning Foods – Explained

If you stick to natural meats, wild caught fish, organic whole eggs and poultry and avoid all the preprocessed junk available at your local supermarket, you are already on the right track. Throw in organically farmed vegetables, fruits and raw nuts. If you must have dairy products, stick to raw milk cheeses or yogurts in moderation. Grains should be whole, and skip the wheat entirely if you really want to see the benefits. Add the right oils, olive oil and coconut oil, and you are well on your way to making your body a fat burning machine.

It does take a bit of a change, not only in your thinking, but also in your kitchen to start eating the right way to burn fat. The benefits of this new lifestyle are easy to see in just a few weeks. You don’t think about dieting any more, rather you think about how good you feel, how much better you look and how much more energy you have.

Natural, healthy fat burning foods are readily available at your local healthy food market. Don’t try to switch over all at once if it seems to be intimidating as well as expensive. Each small change you make will bring you closer to the ultimate goal. Just remember, once you discover natural fat burning foods, diet will seem like a dirty word.

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