Diet Smoothies – Preparation and Benefits


Just because smoothies are delicious does not mean that they are sinful. In fact, they just do the opposite. Many have testified to losing weight just by making diet smoothies a part of their daily lives. Of course, this did not occur just by chugging glasses of any smoothie that came their way. The key is knowing what ingredients to put into your drink and making sure they provide the needed nutrients without the calories.

If you are not careful, your glass of smoothie, which you thought was a health drink, can contain as many calories as a fast food milkshake. This is the reason choosing ingredients wisely is essential in preparing diet smoothies. The basic mixture of a single serving of smoothie is a half cup of liquid with a cup of fruit. Other ingredients are added to make them tastier and nutritious. If you are watching your weight, this is where you have to exercise caution since the additives might contain substances that will make you pile in the pounds.

If the recipe requires yogurt or milk, choose the fat-free variety of the product. In most cases, the calorie content of the whole milk versions is twice that of the fat-free ones. If the taste of non-fat milk is not appealing, then go for low-fat or skim milk instead. Another alternative is to use nut milks (almond or hazelnut) that can make the smoothies richer but is not as fattening. When buying these, select those that are calcium-fortified so that you can still get the benefits of dairy milk.

If you are using frozen or tinned fruit, choose those that are unsweetened. Be wary of those that are soaked in syrup since these might contain refined sugars, an ingredient that you should avoid putting into your diet smoothies. Low-calorie can be used to sweeten the smoothie or you can try adding a sweet fruit such as a banana.

Fiber is essential for a healthy digestive system and smoothies should contain a healthy dose of it. Fruits already provide fiber but wheat germ and flaxseed, which are also excellent sources of fiber, can be added. They can make the beverage richer in texture but will not alter its taste.

A single serving of diet smoothie provides two servings of fruit. With regular drinking, your body can reap several benefits such as stronger immune system, instant nutrition, sustained energy levels, faster metabolism, balanced body pH, faster healing capability, better disease prevention and more mental alertness. In addition, the glasses of diet smoothies that you drink are counted as part of the required liquid intake. Thus, it ensures that you stay hydrated at all times.

Because diet smoothies are so delicious, you will never feel deprived if you are trying to lose weight. Most importantly, your body is getting all the nutrients that it needs to function properly. So even with fewer calories, you still can live healthy.

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