Digital Travel Alarm Clock


Nothing beats the functionality of a digital alarm clock when it comes to keeping time. Even in those hard to reach places around the house, a digital alarm clock can be powered by a battery. You can take it along with you on a trip. Some are so small that you can easily stuff it inside a pocket or even in your purse. You will be surprised to know that in spite of its tiny size, these digital alarm clocks works wonders to deliver all the functions of the much larger alarm clocks you would find around.

Daylight Saving Time:

These miniatures a really handy but there is nothing to worry if you are thinking about the functions and features of these tiny digital alarm clock. Most of them have their own array of functions that would amaze you bundled into its compact size. One rally useful feature is its daylight savings time. You may be aware that the normal alarm click around the house tends to jump back and forth by almost an hour every two years. The manufacturers of the newer versions of alarm clock would have a built-in feature that allows automatic adjustments of the time so you won’t have to spend time changing and aligning the time every two years.

There is also an interesting feature incorporated into the clock that lets it synchronize automatically with an atomic alarm clock in Colorado. These digital alarm clocks would receive a 60KHz WWVB signal that synchronize and automatically set the time.

Different Versions:

For those who have a sporty nature, there are LEDs that comes in a sporty design. For instance, there are versions that would come with an in-built flashlight that would be very convenient for those who love the wild outdoors. These LEDs are much hardier than the traditional lamp and can even survive a five foot drop. There is an inbuilt radio for you to tune in just in case you worry about getting caught in a storm. And there are those conventional AM/FM radio bands too so you can always listen to your favorite station or music without having to carry additional equipments.

Some digital alarm clock comes with a temperature display so you can really know just how hot or cold a room really is.

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