Discover the Modern Eden of Penang

Malaysia, for the western traveler is a great introduction to Asia, as the influences of most Asian countries and their cultures can be seen. So for a snapshot of Asia in all its cultural diversity and its rich history, Malaysia is a great destination. The Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur is vibrant with its festivals and shopping malls and the world famous Petronas Twin Towers.

Pulau Pinang or the Penang Island area offers pristine beaches, museums, spice gardens and other forms of adventure sports with world-class accommodations, attracting millions of tourists. Penang is geographically diverse with forested highlands and narrow coastal plains, which helps to attract travelers to the hills and beaches. The capital, George Town offers some historical architecture reflecting the colonial heritage. The Penang hotels accommodation is comparable with any other tourist destination in the world for its quality of service and hospitality.

Enter a unique world

There are also some landmark buildings converted into boutique hotels for the discerning traveler. The other attractions unique to Penang Island are the mangrove forests which are millions of years old and are home to indigenous flora and fauna. The mangrove forests are a rich source of tropical fish, supporting an entire industry, not to mention the timber obtained from them. The Mangrove Forest Reserve in Matang is perhaps the best managed mangrove forest reserve in the world, as it has been self-sufficient since the 1920s. In view of our urgent need to save the world’s forests, this is even more impressive and awe-inspiring. One of the great civil engineering marvels of Penang is the 13.5 kilometers long Penang Bridge which connects Penang to the mainland; it is one of the longest bridges in Asia. One of the popular sports events is the Penang Bridge Marathon which attracts over 16,000 runners.

The weather in Penang is like that of a tropical rainforest all year-round, making it ideal for sun-worshippers as it is blessed with pristine beaches. It has the infrastructure of any developed nation with the rustic charm of bygone days. Malaysia, particularly Penang Island has something to offer everyone, whatever their area of interest. It has fishing, water sports, Nature watch, culture and history to interest the weary and jaded traveler. Its unique cuisine reflects the rich cultural influences the country has undergone in the past centuries. Its highlands and mountains and the unique coastline offer the best possible combination of modern hotels and resorts with easy access to rich history and lush greenery. offers a Natural Path to Hotels in Penang

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