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By sqwertz on 2015-06-10 13:54:58

December 23 is Roots Day. It’s a special occasion that encourages everyone to learn more about their family tree.


Genealogy has become a passion for millions of people. It’s a study of the past that gives us essential knowledge about our present. We can learn a lot about ourselves by understanding the people who came before us.


Sue Lagel’s Story

Sue Lagel is someone who celebrates the concept of Roots Day. For most of her life she never knew any family on her mother’s side. Both of her grandparents passed away when Sue’s mother was just a young girl. It seemed that this side of Sue’s ancestry would always be unknown.


Through the years, Sue often wondered about the ancestors she would never meet. After her own parents died, Sue had very little connection to family. She decided it was time to act. Sue got online and used a people search service to look for anyone who shared her last name. With just a little effort she was successful. Right in front of her was the name and phone number of a cousin she only met once, many years before.


Reunions And Surprises

It didn’t take Sue long to jump into action. She called her cousin, and the women talked for over an hour. They were overjoyed at the opportunity to catch up. Even better was the realization that they only lived a few hours apart. Before the call was over they made plans to meet in person.


Their reunion was filled with hugs, laughter and tears of joy. As they talked about their lives, Sue confided in her cousin. She felt guilty for knowing so little about her roots. Her cousin’s response was unexpected. She was an amateur genealogist, and would love to tell Sue everything she knew. The women set a time for another visit.


When they met again, Sue’s cousin was prepared. She had dozens of stories, newspaper clippings and photographs from years ago. As the day progressed, Sue was delighted by one exciting discovery after another. Before long, something she heard stopped Sue in her tracks. Her grandmother had been an avid artist. Sue finally realized where her lifelong love of art came from. She felt more connected to her family tree than ever before.


Celebrating Roots Day

Sue’s story is perfect for Roots Day. She took the time to find relatives and learn about her past. What she discovered changed her life. The origin of Roots Day may be unknown, but Sue’s story highlights its true meaning. Anyone can learn more about themselves by looking into the past.


Roots Day may seem to come at a bad time. December 23 is the crux of the holiday season. However, this day can serve as a reminder to slow down during the most hectic time of year. Take some time to discover your own ancestry this December. You’ll be amazed at what you find.


Uncover Your Past

There are many ways to learn about your family tree. Genealogists spend years digging through old documents and photos. People use popular websites like to find a wealth of useful information. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways to uncover your past is simply talking to people who already have amazing stories to share. Ask your relatives to help fill in the blanks of your family tree with stories and heirlooms that can’t be found anywhere else.


Have you spent time unearthing your family tree? Will you celebrate Roots Day this year? Leave a comment to share your thoughts on this uplifting occasion.

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