Disparity In San Francisco


It may be no wonder why individuals aspire to be San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers because the city of San Francisco, California has so much to offer. San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers would join the growing ranks of a population that earns a very attractive, if not lucrative median household income and family income. The median household income averages approximately a little over $ 65,000 while the median family income is a little over $ 80,000.

This might set career professionals like, San Francisco bankruptcy lawyers apart from other residents of the city. In fact, the cost of living got so high that only the elite could afford to live there. This prompted a movement as middle class families have moved because they simply could no longer afford the high cost of living in the city. Plenty of opportunity exists for the skilled and educated members of society. San Francisco is big on internet based technologies so that is a growing market there. In addition, the health care sector is also very prominent in San Francisco so much so that the city set aside a budget of more than six billion dollars in order to provide medical care to its citizens.

San Francisco has a number of billionaires and currently has a poverty rate of 11.8% which is lower than the national average poverty rate. The unemployment rate in San Francisco currently hovers around 10.1% which is slightly less than the national unemployment rate of 10.2%. This is more evidence to the fact of disparity between the rich and poor there. The opportunities are plentiful for some and others, not so much. If the opportunity does not exist for you to make a comfortable living in San Francisco but you do not have the means to relocate your family, then this could lead to a situation that progresses to a personal bankruptcy filing.

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