DNA Testing Bronx NY: Best Local DNA Test Services

DNA Testing Bronx NY: Best Local DNA Test Services

DNA Testing Bronx NY
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How long does a DNA Test result take?

DNA Testing results can vary depending on the type of DNA test you are trying to perform. For example, Paternity Testing has an average turnaround time of 2-3 business.

Forensic DNA Tests have longer turnaround times depending on the samples being used for testing. Normally, those times can range from 5-15 business days. To learn more about this type of DNA Testing service please contact one of our trained professionals at 877-680-5800 in regard to your current situation for more focused turnaround times assistance with your specific situation.

What are the most common types of DNA Testing performed?

The most common form of DNA Test performed by our company is Paternity Testing.

How accurate are is DNA Testing?

DNA Testing is a very accurate science for proving a biological relationship between two or more people.

DNA paternity testing is 100% accurate when done properly. The lab that handles our DNA Testing has in place a strict process and efficient process of handling the chain of custody process which helps to limit any errors.

Please note: Many laboratories mistake the term accuracy for likelihood (or probability). The Probability of Paternity is a statistical measure of the likelihood of the biological relationship. In the case of an inclusion result (the alleged father is found to be the biological father), the Probability of Paternity could be as high as 99.999% or higher.

What is the process of start a DNA Paternity Test?

Getting started is quite simple. First, all you have to do is contact one of our DNA Relationship Testing Expert and allow them the opportunity to listen to your situation and assist you with the best options for your particular situation.

Once we have figured out the type of testing is best for your situation. IDTO will coordinate an appointment at the nearest facility near your home, office or anywhere you deem private. It also important to note that IDTO offers mobile collections in parts of New York and parts of New Jersey. To learn more about our Mobile DNA Sample Collection services contact our office today at 877-680-5800.

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