Do Extended Stay Hotels Charge Monthly Rent Or Per Day?

{flickr|100|campaign} If you’re looking for a great extended stay hotel Tucson offers some great options. Many extended stay hotels are geared towards adults and have relaxing, “take a load off” atmospheres that will certainly make you want to move in and get comfortable. Extended stay hotels Tucson offers usually have rates to fit all budgets, so when you’re looking for a place to stay for business or pleasure, it’s a sure bet you’ll find something that suits you perfectly.

Offers have two different ways that you can be charged to enjoy a stay. Some hotels have weekly and monthly rates. If you’re not looking to actually visit such a long while, they have daily rates as well. Most extended stay Tucson hotels offer daily, weekly and monthly rates but some have a minimum stay requirement of at least a week so you’ll want to make sure you find out how they work before you make a reservation.

When shopping around for an extended stay hotel Tucson has to offer, make sure that you ask about weekly and monthly rates if they only provide daily pricing. Usually the longer you stay, the more of a daily discount you receive. If you’re planning on staying awhile to enjoy this adventurous city, you will most likely find the best pricing at specific Tucson extended stay hotels. Hotels that typically rent rooms by the night for a few days to a week aren’t usually as competitive in their pricing.

Extended stay hotels Tucson offers are usually full of great amenities, dining and attractions for their guests so even if you can’t find a deal on an extended rate, you might be able to purchase food, drink and activity packages as part of your visit at a discounted rate.

Whether you choose to rent a room or suite by the day, week or even month, remember that the longer you vist… the less you usually pay per day!

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