Dog Grooming School


A challenging but very rewarding profession, dog grooming requires special training or education. The courses organized by a dog grooming school are the straight-forward chance of getting a job in this activity. The entire training process heavily relies on practical applications conducted under the supervision of a trainer. An understanding of the pet needs and the possibility to work on live pets become premises for skill development. A grooming school could also provide courses for placement assistance, vet technician training and several other specializations that can become the basis for a solid career.

Home study programs represent another option to a classic dog grooming school. Normally, programs are structured in six or eight-week curricula. The program should be accredited by an official institution, and it is a good idea to check for the accreditation with the Better Business Bureau. There are colleges, trade schools or community colleges that recognize the professional training completed in a dog grooming school or the certification following a distance learning program. For anyone who considers a career in dog grooming, an evaluation of the alternatives is essential.

Between distance learning and direct training, the latter is definitely more adequate for one’s needs, thanks to the practical side of teaching. If you don’t find satisfactory information on the Internet, you can ask the local groomers about the school that they attended. Attending the courses of a local institution has a lot of advantages because you have the chance to develop skills by working directly on animals. Then, there comes the issue of tools, because Internet courses and home programs do not supply the necessary equipment.

In a grooming school, on the other hand, you will find all the didactic material necessary to develop good professional skills. After you graduate the program of a dog grooming school you will be a certified groomer with the possibility to go for an independent business career or to get a job in a pet salon, vet or rescue center. Last but not least, if there are several schools to choose from, make comparisons between their educational standards and the costs they require for the courses.

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