Dongguan Led Development Effort To Attract Taiwan Enterprises Settled In


On the 16th, the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association (“the Electricity Association”) organization of 12 leading business-to-LED Lighting Songshanhu conducted site visits, comprehensive software and hardware environment of their favor with Canada, and a willingness to invest in the smile. Songshanhu relevant responsible person also said, in upholding the high threshold to enter the LED industry, we will increase the intensity LED enterprises to introduce and support during the year will be 4 to Taiwan for investment into LED doors to business, to improve the LED industry chain in Dongguan.

Supporting capacity of the leading LED Wan

Day, the LED industry, supporting capacity in Dongguan, some Taiwan enterprises showed great interest. According to Li Hang Songshan Lake Science and Education Secretary introduced the city semiconductor lighting industry over 10 years of development, industrial chain has taken shape, especially in the middle and lower reaches have a strong industrial links the advantages of semiconductor lighting application products, particularly products main parts, Dongguan in China are “one of the best matching with the ability.”

He noted that the city engaged in LED related products has more than 300 enterprises, with more than 7.0 billion sales revenue. LED lighting company in the city, 90% of Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises and private enterprises, of which 60% of enterprises in Dongguan LED above the background with the Taiwanese capital, and in terms of scale and technology are at a distinct advantage.

Songshan Lake will enter the LED industry

Songshan Lake Management Committee of the responsible person that the energy industry in the context of the rise of the Pearl River Delta region is a semiconductor lighting industry is most concentrated area, LED enterprises accounted for a quarter of the country, and the lower reaches of large enterprise application market concentration of its obvious advantages, the overall technology is still relatively weak.

Hang Li said, to break through bottlenecks in the industry, Dongguan will support accelerated introduction of “group has a core technology, key technologies and autonomous self-famous” The LED business, and settled in Dongguan, leading projects, in no more than 25% of the total investment Within the line to capital or land, factories and other fixed assets valued shares co-construction project. Any investment in LED industry chain in Dongguan weak or missing links of large projects, in accordance with the incentives to focus on support, such as the registered capital of not less than 10 million U.S. dollars, the first phase of investment not less than 500 million project after the city settled, per one million U.S. dollars will reward 50,000 yuan registered capital of the ratio of reward, the maximum award for each project not more than 10 million yuan.

During the year four times to Taiwan embrace LED business

Chen Chi Songshanhu Work Committee to the delegation admitted that there are many LED enterprises in Dongguan, but the lack of core technology, “the industry leader is still Taiwan.”

“This year we will be 4 to targeted investment in Taiwan.” He said that the year will focus on advanced IT Songshanhu manufacturing and R & D enterprise in Taiwan, promote the activities of the organization of four topics, and actively introduce Taiwan’s large 8-inch, 12 inch and above standard wafer, panel manufacturing industry key missing item, the park will attract to the park to set up their regional headquarters and technology development center, the Songshan Lake Hi-Tech Park in Taiwan to fight cause “, Dongguan industrial restructuring demonstration zone.”

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