Dp Pants Will Become The Younger New Clothing Sales “trump Card”

Apparel company, according to data provided Younger: 2008, DP pants for the 4888 sales volume. For this number, Younger fashion pants, Head of Product Development Industry, said: “DP shirt just started when the number is not large, the key is a single spark can start a prairie fire.”

HC Apparel Network DP word in English stands for Durable press, which means durable easy care, because Younger DP dress shirt effects and successful marketing, DP has been extended to deliate andperfect, Italy Apartments delicate and perfect. In Younger, DP has become one of product innovation and development.

Present, Japan and China by the Younger Textile Dyeing Limited, fabric, fashion pants Industry Limited, garment manufacturing, shirt factory for iron-free pants DP treatment works are in full swing. Responsible for the clothing company’s vice president of product development, said Wang Zhaohui: “According to Younger’s research and development and expanding market demand, expected next spring and summer, high value-added products will become the new DP pants Younger Clothing Sales of the new bright spot. “

From the fun to a sense of accomplishment

Two days, textile fabric of Japan and the Ministry of Miao Bo rarely sit in the office, as the Japan-China textile fabric development of the members of the DP pants, his trousers recently, and DP product development team has carefully studied the 100 models pants material structure. May 11 morning, the Department of Engineering and Technology Group, responsible and apparel company Suit Pants came to Japan with the head spinning, spring and summer of 2010 the new order will be the first development of DP pants fabric samples were summarized and fabric styles to confirm the development and improvement advice, Miao Bo is also actively to group discussions.

Miao Bo university studying Textile Chemistry and Dyeing and Finishing Engineering, graduating later Younger Textiles Limited in Japan and fabric development, describing the course of several years of research and development, he sighs: “and the school different R & D is not a scholarship in the laboratory, the key is to come in handy. “

Few years ago, he developed a fabric, this fabric absorbent internal and external waterproof, cool in summer time, when it rains the body not that bad Tainian. In view of this fabric is not very mature, there is no mass production, but Miao Bo has been feeling the fun of research and development. But what really made sense of accomplishment he is DP Shirt Fabric. He lamented: “The development of things come into play.” This is because Younger DP shirt fabric needed to come from Japan and spinning, Miao Bo participated in the development of DP shirt fabric.

Since the Group to increase efforts to develop DP pants, he also developed through participation in the project group DP pants, a better understanding of the clothing production on the fabric quality of the enterprises with different team members in-depth exchange of process learned a lot, also felt the importance of research and development and fun. He said: “The development of our business from the shop and practice. You want to vary the fabrics have feelings. When you think you are developing fabrics in many human beings, this is not just happy, this is more of a sense of accomplishment.”

Industry experts believe that: business development, if not a real achievements into productivity, waste of human and financial resources is not conducive to further development of enterprises. The Younger the development of the DP the Japan-China textile fabric pants trousers company and the clothing is the company’s needs as the premise, the Japan-China textile R & D strengths much stronger.

By “DP” in the enterprise

“Regular new products, enterprise Evergreen”, which is a popular business motto. Younger DP series products not only improve the product quality, but also improve the quality of enterprises. According to Japan-China textile fabric development personnel of the Department Description: Japan-China textile development DP shirt, pants fabric to enhance the development of enterprise vitality.

Textile fabric of Japan Ministry of staff said: “The development of DP pants fabric is spun on Japan from outside to inside the R & D, because the industry’s demand for trousers; of the group who is from the inside out R & D, because this is the coordinated operation of enterprises within the brothers. Therefore, in the process of development of DP fabric, we did not stick to a pattern, but the two R & D model to complement and enhance their combat effectiveness. such as trousers industry Let us develop a company in a fabric, we may in the analysis of the market based on feedback information, to do a series, from the point and the surface, then turn the pants industry companies to promote. “

Younger fashion pants pants engineering industry companies in the DP to play an important role in the development of the company head said: “As the project involves many sectors, not only with our brothers and business Baotuan Cooperation , The more hold their own internal tightening. Coordination within the company will open a regular basis, production department, quality control, production colleagues to attend the workshop, the aim of analyzing problems, sort out our thinking. It can be said, DP pants not only brothers hold even tighter between enterprises, but also to our internal and more fighting. “

Apparel company, according to data provided Younger: 2008, DP pants for the 4888 sales volume. For this number, Younger fashion pants, Head of Product Development Industry, said: “DP shirt just started when the number is not large, the key is a single spark can start a prairie fire.”

It is understood that as soon as possible to a “prairie fire” of the situation, trousers industry has completed 2 sets of pants DP installation and commissioning of new equipment and conducted part of the fabric of the trial and adjustment process, on the varieties tested, has begun DP pants for large-scale production applications. Use new equipment and new technology, after tested, DP, and Ku Feng pants to maintain the flatness degree were obviously improved. Trump’s tax threat against U.S. companies

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