Drinking Champagne

.tags Some people say that champagne hangovers are no different from regular hangovers, except that you feel a lot classier. Whereas others swear by their favourite bottle of Bollinger that they never ever get hangovers from champers. Some in the I never get hangovers from champagne camp say it is dpwn to the Degorgement stage of The Champenoise Method of making high quality champagne. This is the penultimate step in creating the perfect bottle of bubbly and involves the bottles being stored with the cork pointing down and being regularly and gently shaken to encourage the yeast to settle around the cork. By going through this process the yeast and other impurities can then be removed in the final topping up and corking out stage.

Another possible explanation for the lack of hangover after drinking Champagne is down to the levels of Sulphites in it. All wines contain Sulphur Dioxide, but some contain higher levels than others. High levels of Sulphur Dioxide are believed to cause allergic reactions and are closely related to hangovers. So the less SO2 the less hangover effects. Champagne has one of the lowest levels of sulphites and this is often cited as the scientific reason for Champagne not causing hangovers.

Another very practical reason for Champagne not giving people a hangover is the cost of it. Champagne is a beautiful drink that takes many years to create and in turn, costs a fair bit of money. Your average Joe simply cannot afford to drink enough Champagne to give them a hangover!

Whatever the outcome, Champagne still contains alcohol and it will still make you dehydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your sophisticated Champagne soiree, and if you can, while youre drinking it. After all, theres nothing classy about spending the next day after a sophisticated party in your pyjamas watching Eastenders with a stinking hangover!

However whether or not Champagne gives you a hangover it is still the drink that is favoured by the rich and famous for of its elegant taste and fine bubbly texture. Not all of us can afford to drink endless bottles of champagnes on a night out, but you can treat a loved one or impress a business client by choosing one of the many champagne gifts available. Our favourite gift idea is a bottle of personalised champagne that makes the recipient feel extra special and means they dont have to share their bottle of champagne with anyone else!

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