DUBAI LIFESTYLE with a Mercedes G63 AMG | VLOG

DUBAI LIFESTYLE with a Mercedes G63 AMG | VLOG

It would be fair to say that the car of Dubai is the Mercedes G63 AMG, made famous through Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed al Maktoum and his trio of the off roaders. It was only logical that I’d head on a sightseeing tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi in the 4×4 from Germany to experience what it’s like and how it fits into the culture in the UAE.

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With all wheel drive and a grumbly V8, the G63 AMG is rugged, old school and rough, with a very mechanical feel to it inside and out. The car in question was provided to me by Gargash Mercedes-Benz Dubai, and what a car for the purpose, I’m very pleased to have experienced it and been able to share the car with you so thank you to then.

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