E Cigarettes and Hollywood Movies ? The E Team


Actors smoking cigarettes in movies has been heavily criticised in recent years and it’s fair to say that at least those movies that are family orientated tend to have less and less tobacco smoking in any of their scenes. That’s not to say that scenes of characters smoking cigarettes are set to vanish though, because many movies that are R rated still have plenty of smoke inhalation going on.

I suppose a filmmaker’s argument is that they are making movies about real life and that cigarette smoking is indeed a part of that, so in order to portray their characters in a realistic light, the argument goes that some of them would of course smoke cigarettes.

If you were to ban these sorts of scenes from movies then where would it all end? Movies that claim to capture real life drama, where there are potential dangers and hazards around any corner, would be a thing of the past.

Anyway, I digress. I didn’t intend this article to make any kind of statement, other than if cigarette smoking is part of real life and therefore permitted to be portrayed in movies, how long will it be before we see movie characters ‘vaping’ on electronic cigarettes? Some Hollywood actors after all, are already using this alternative in their own private lives.

If e cigarettes had been around forever, how would that change the way we look at some iconic movie scenes and their stars?

How much quicker, would Colonel Hannibal Smith’s “plans come together” if he were using an e cigar? He wouldn’t need to re-light as the famous van hurtles through the streets…wouldn’t need to flick any ash away and certainly wouldn’t need an ashtray but would still get to deliver his dialogue with cigar in mouth!

Casablanca would be an entirely different movie had Humphrey Bogart had access to e cigarettes and a lot of those old classic black and white movies would indeed look totally different without the clouds of smoke drifting through the scenes!

The western genre would be a totally different beast too! With the battery life of e cigarettes, perhaps cowboys and rustlers wouldn’t get into as many scrapes because they would be too busy “vaping” instead.

Some of us will never know what movies will look like in 50 years, except that they will probably all be in full 3D but it wouldn’t be any surprise to see e cigarettes in movies and perhaps even movies made about the electronic cigarette.

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