E-Commerce India Online – A Video by Discovery Channel featuring Myntra

E-Commerce India Online – A Video by Discovery Channel featuring Myntra

E-Commerce India Online is a program aired on Discovery channel which tells about the Indian e-commerce companies and their working. The recent segment of the episode featured Myntra, the biggest online fashion store of the country. One-third of India’s population is under the age of 35 which is young, fast, progressive and tech-savvy. Moreover, with the innovation in communication technology and mobile development more and more users are getting online and it results in a new kind of business which is changing the way we shop, known as e-commerce. People are buying clothes, booking tickets, paying bills and getting married with just a click of the mouse. Online shopping is the most influenced sector in e-commerce industry. People don’t need to go shop-to-shop, stuck in traffic and standing in long billing queues. Online shopping makes the process lot easier and secured. Companies like Myntra and Flipkart are dominating the market. Myntra is one of the biggest online fashion stores in India. It has a qualified and experience team that makes the online shopping possible. It’s unique codes and software use cookies to remember the products for each user. Customer can easily select from thousands of garments and buy instantly. The goods are delivered well in time and customer has option to pay cash on delivery which gives them a peace of mind. A separate customer care division is there to solve complaints and queries. The impeccable customer service is one of the factors which makes e-commerce more reliable and trustworthy.

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