Early Game Mineral Harassment – Terran Vs Terran Strategies

.tags In Starcraft 2, Terran vs Terran games are known for being long and having a lot of stalemates in them. Because of this, some players opt for early sneaky tactics to take out their opponents economy and get out to an early lead. Use this guide to harass your opponents economy early in the game so you can take them out later on.

You won’t use the standard Terran build order for this strategy. Instead, go for an early Barracks built at 10 supply near your opponents base. Build a Refinery right away so you can get a Tech Lab right when the Barracks is done. When the Tech Lab is done build a Reaper and research Nitro Packs as soon as you can.

Send the Reaper into your opponents base to take out SCVs and Marines. Kite both Marines and SCVs that are attacking you to make the most out of your Reapers. Keep producing Reapers until you gain a lead over the other player or you get repelled by a Bunker or lots of Marines.

While you’re harassing tech up to a Starport and put a Tech Lab on it. Right when your Reaper harass is done you want to transition right away into Banshee harass. This will keep your opponent pinned in his base to fight off your Banshees. Research Cloak to make him use his Orbital Command scans to find you. This will lower his income by taking away his ability to call down MULEs. Keep your Banshees alive and harassing as long as possible.

From here expand and transition into a solid macro heavy style of play. Get your income up there, build a lot of structures and start making a massive army. All your early harassment should have put the other player behind which will help you crush him in the mid and late game.

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