Ease Toothache Pain – Top 3 Methods


Toothaches are bitter and frustrating for anybody who confronts it. There could be several causes and reasons behind the issue of the severe pain in the dental cavity. It could be the food you are taking, the cleaning procedures or any of the treatments you are getting involved with. You just have to refrain from harming the teeth and gums from a severe cold or hot diet, make sure you are brushing them at least two times a day to provide protection against any cavities or bacteria. There are several ways through which you can ease toothache pain.

All kinds of medicine and surgical methods are available out there for the patients but the natural ones are preferred. Due to their reduced risks of side effects, natural remedies can prove healthy to treat the toothache. In this article I am going to provide you with top 3 remedies in order to ease toothache pain. They could eliminate or at least alleviate the pain you are going through within a short span of time. A lot of them can be already there in your kitchen as common household items and even if you don’t have them, they are inexpensive and easier to get a hold of.

Firstly, let me clear a thought that the following home remedies will help you to ease the twinge of the toothache you are suffering. They might not be able to completely eliminate the problem of your toothache but to some extent, these remedies are effectual to ease toothache pain. You need to consult a good dentist if these tips don’t seem to work out for you long enough. A better doctor is going to advice you with useful things through which you can improve your dental conditions. Here are the natural remedies you should try.

Vanilla extract
This remedy is regarded as the best one because it helps in numbing out the pain you are having from the toothache. You can apply it on the affected areas with the help of cotton ball or touch your tooth lightly from it. You can also imbibe some of it around your oral cavity for about 30 seconds.

In my vision, this is the best remedy you can ever find. It is always available in the house and you don’t need any ingredients to carry the recipe out for it. You can use ice in the form of ice pack and gently place it on your tooth where it hurts, it would make you feel better in short time.

It is also a well known method to ease toothache pain. You can either chew a garlic clove each day or use it with rock salt to put on the tooth for a short amount of time.

There are other methods except these which you can use if you want to ease toothache pain, but keep in mind that medical guidance and consultation is necessary at times.

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