Easy Marketing Tips and Strategies For Automotive Dealers – Car Sales Marketing Ideas

Easy Marketing Tips and Strategies For Automotive Dealers – Car Sales Marketing Ideas

Different marketing and advertising tactics work better than others. Period.

In the automotive space, when you go to workshops or webinars about marketing, they typically lean towards digital strategies.

With so much focus on the internet, and automotive dealers trying to figure out exactly how that works, the good old traditional media, or offline marketing outlets, tend to take a back seat. With the right recipe in today’s market, dealers can and are reporting solid ROI from lets call it “offline media.” That is exactly the reason why when it came to the topic of Dominating traditional media in a digital world, we knew that Troy “Turbo” Spring was just the expert to teach us.

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The best selling author of “Turbo Charge Your Life” as well as the co-founder (with Tracy Myers) of the “Unfair Advantage Automotive Mastermind,” Troy “Turbo” Spring has a unique position in the automotive industry. Troy is the owner and founder of Dealer World Advertising – a full service advertising company for auto dealers.

Troy is also the manager of a Lehighton Ford in Lehighton, PA – a Ford dealership minutes from his home. Here’s where he gets even more unique. Troy manages this dealership…are you ready for it?… PART TIME! Yup, you heard it right. Part time. According to Troy, he not only loves being on both the vendor and dealer sides, but it gives him two different ends of the spectrum.

The specific topics we cover in this session address how dealers can tap into & really maximize what’s now (in most cases) inexpensive traditional offline media resources. These topics not only will require some work but also creativity. Lucky for us, Troy lays out some step-by-step strategies that will allow you to start seeing ROI with traditional advertising.

We want you to sell more cars!

More Specifically, You’ll Learn About:

How to audit and break down your advertising budget
How to determine which advertising outlets to focus on
The recipe for a creative message in your ads / messaging that converts
Sure fire ways to create direct mail that sells more cars FAST
How to make a stamp on any group and stay top-of-mind in your market
All that and some other super valuable strategies and tips you can put into action immediately to sell more cars.

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