Easy to get H1N1 vaccine


According to Hernando County Health Department, the H1N1 vaccine is now used for not only the people who are high risk but everyone as well.


Rush, health department clinic coordinator said that there are 343 vaccines that were distributed to department in 600 available vaccines. In fact, this figure was not so much as they had expected. Right after receiving vaccines, Nina Mattei, health department emergency planner, said that because the holiday season is coming, this time is a good chance to expand them. In the past, the amount of vaccine H1N1 is limited, that’s why they had to select the groups that needed to be vaccinated. But now, they are able to provide everyone who wants to get vaccinated.


It is necessary for pregnant women, health care and emergency workers, who involve with children and patient to get vaccinated. It should be remember that children at the age from 6 months and 9 years old need two vaccine doses in a month. They are seen as people who have highest risk of catching H1N1, or “Swine Flu.”


Now, it is possible for you to go to about 50 locations in area retail pharmacies, hospitals and physicians’ offices in order to buy vaccine with price from $ 10 and $ 22. Until now, basing on reports of the health department, there are more than 21,000 H1N1 vaccines distributed on the whole country, in which 1,515 vaccines have being administered during health clinics this year.


It is such good news that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Web site, flu activity turned down from 25 states in late November to 14 by Dec. 5 in United States. Furthermore, CDC additionally said that there have been 33,490 laboratory-confirmed influenza-associated hospitalizations and 1,445 flu-associated deaths from Aug. 30 to Dec. 5.


Besides that, Mattei showed that it was likely that in last summer most people who got sick would catch Swine Flu. Though having regular influenza because of weather changes such as change from hot to cold, the people also may ask to be gotten vaccine.


In addition, Mattei reminded that some parents in Hernando County should let their children reject H1N1 vaccine again. Because it is believed that some of the vaccines manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur have lost its effectiveness. In Florida, out of 270,000 doses, 40,000 doses are being recalled.

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