Eat Fat to Maintain Your Weight Goals


Fat is not the enemy. Fat contains important vitamins (like vitamin E) and provides the body with calories used for energy. Fat not only gives food flavor, but is also helps in giving food its distinctive texture and consistency. Most people whom ingest fatty foods, are typically concerned with the calories associated with it. But it is important to note that the type of fat (whether it is saturated or unsaturated) is equally if not more important in its relationship to disease. Saturated fats, for example, increase levels of cholesterol in the body/blood which increases the potential for a heart attack. But let me say this again, fat is not the enemy.

The problem with eating high fat food and why it gets such a bad rap is that fat doesn’t immediately fill you up after you eat like a sweet carbohydrate laden meal. So it becomes very easy to overeat fat calories. Before you know it, you’ve consumed too much without really batting an eye. A good example is think about eating those French fries or potato chips. You can eat a extra large size or a whole bag and still be hungry.

Another problem is the different type of fat replacements that have sprung onto the scene. Let’s look at the 3 basic types of fat replacements:

1) Carbohydrate Based Fat Substitutes
These fat replacements mimic the taste and function of fat in foods, but without the calories. They work by binding water to thicken food, so that the food feels more substantial in your system.

2) Fat Mimetics
These mimic the properties of fat except that your body can’t absorb them They have fewer calories due to the altered nature of the fat. You end up expelling these types of fat from the system because your body just can’t absorb it. Examples include Salatrim (or Benefat) and Olestra (or Olean).

3) Protein Based Fat Replacers
Made with egg whites or skim milk. Offer a creamy texture. Lowfat ice cream is an example of using a protein based fat replacer. These foods typically use Simplesse.

The issue here are the known and unknown side effect of using the man made fat replacers. Then there’s the question of if they really work as they are described by the company. Sometimes this is difficult to measure. Only time will tell if these can be incorporated into the diet in a healthy way.

It’s important to include fat in a healthy balanced diet. Fat not only supplies need vitamins but is also supports a whole host of bodily activities that work in stabilizing your metabolism amount other things. So fat is essential to maintaining and/or achieving your weight loss goals.

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