Eating Too Much Sweet Foods May Cause Four Diseases on Women

.tags Many women like eating sweet foods, but they rarely realize that, eating too much sweet foods may threat human health. Medical researches find that, women who often take in excessive sweet foods are vulnerable to four kinds of diseases. First, optic neuritis The pathogenesis of optic neuritis is very complex, but the lack of vitamin B1 is one of the most important causes. This is because vitamin B1 is one of the nutrition sources of the optic nerves. While the metabolism of sugar in the body needs to consume a lot of vitamin B1, so if people often take in a lot of sweets, it not only will lead to eye fatigue, but will also affect the function of the optic nerves. In addition, vitamin B1 deficiency will also affect the oxidation of carbohydrates in the body, which can produce some toxic effect on the optic nerves, and thus causing or increasing optic neuritis. Second, vaginitis Vaginitis is a common reproductive disease on female. About 75% of women will suffer from this kind of disease at least once in a lifetime. One study has shown that, the blood sugar or urine sugar in most of the patients suffering from vaginitis is significantly higher than the normal level. When 90% of the patients reduce their daily sugar intake, it is found that the infection or recurrence of vaginitis is greatly reduced. This shows that the amount of sugar intake is closely related with vaginitis. Third, osteoporosis Eating large amounts of sweet foods will generate a large number of intermediate products in the metabolic processes, such as pyruvic acid, lactic acid, and so on, which will make the body in the acidosis state. To maintain the acid-base balance of the body, the alkaline substances like calcium, magnesium, and sodium will react with these acidic substances. Lack of calcium in the body will cause the sclerosis of the muscle and decrease its tension. If large amounts of calcium are neutralized, it will even cause calcium deficiency, thus leading to osteoporosis. Fourth, biliary calculus U.S. researchers found that, if the women over fifty years old eat too much sweet foods, it may cause biliary calculus. The researchers believe that, excessive sugar will increase insulin secretion, resulting in serious imbalance among the bile cholesterol, bile acid and lecithin in the bile. What’s more, excessive sugar can also automatically change into fat, and lead to obesity. Obesity will not make all the people suffer from stones, but for the middle-aged women, it is the main cause of biliary calculus.

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