Eco Friendly Marketing Tips


Corporation. Business. What are some of the first things to pop into your head upon hearing these words? Maybe you think of some brooding faceless entity, or a cabal of greedy men with no regard for others, or Gordon Gecko, or perhaps you just felt a chill run over your skin…? If these benign nouns affect you in this fashion, sadly you are not alone. Many people harbor these very associations with business-type institutions, and not without good reason. Corporate neglect and disregard for the health of our planet runs rampant these days, and it clashes violently against the backdrop of environmental change being birthed all across the world. Green is the new black, in that consumers demand products be made attuned to their beliefs and lifestyles. Thankfully there are many out there who realize the importance of this issue and make steps towards decreasing environmental damage every day- this is one “trend” you definitely cannot afford to miss out on.

What is Eco-friendly, anyways? Eco-friendly is a blanket term for anything that is less harmful to the environment compared with the standard version. You name it and it can be made eco-friendly, from cups to pens to candles and even golf bags. These items are held to the same standard of quality as their traditional counterparts, but offer several benefits:

*Many products made with recyclable materials cost less than normal ones

*Natural resources are conserved whenever we use recyclables as raw materials as opposed to sourcing out new ones from the earth

*More new jobs are created in the process of manufacturing green products vs. standard ones

*Less waste is formed in the manufacturing plants due to decreased travel distances for materials (many eco-friendly plants are located in metropolitan areas, thus emitting less pollution into the air compared to a longer drive) and green products usually contain minimalistic packaging

*Landfill space is conserved when we recycle rather than dump waste

*Most products themselves are able to be recycled, and are made with earth friendly materials. Take for example a plastic cup made from polylactic acid resin- you normally would not think of plastic cups as a “green” product, yet those made from this material can be fully broken down into the earth with no ill effects

*Products made organically emit less toxic chemicals and use less pesticides and fertilizers in their creation, like a tote bag made from organic cotton.

Eco-friendly also applies to different ways of being efficient, like using solar panels to generate electricity, or switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Ok, you now understand the benefits of going green, so its importance in relation to your business should be abundantly clear. If you are the type that would litter on earth day, you need motivation from a different direction. Consider this: consumers now more than ever judge a company by their environmental footprint. You may very well not be an offender, but without green declaration to the world you run the risk of being painted as one of the “bad guys”.

Broadcasting your eco-friendly status conveys to customers that you are forward thinking and have the ability to adapt with the times, and people will associate this label with morality, fairness and smart decision making. Not to mention the fact that your competitors are most likely riding the green wave, one which if left off of your business will lose instant appeal. Yes, going green for business is as much about keeping up with the Jones as it is making good choices for the environment.

In order to portray your business as an eco-friendly one, you must first make changes. Think about all areas in which you operate-where can improvements be made? There are tons of ways to become energy efficient, reduce waste and better your product. An area that should not be overlooked is transitioning your Promotional Products. If you haven’t already harnessed the marketing power of Promotional Products, this should be high on your list of priorities due to their proven effectiveness in boosting both your amount of customers and creating positive customer relations towards your brand.

Employing the use of giveaways and products bearing your company logo is a timeless practice that will never go out of style, because when people use these items your name is consistently being embedded in their heads. Most of these items feature a symbol stating the eco-friendly properties is has so your business title is always coupled with a positive, desirable philosophy. By using eco-friendly promotional products, you combine the established benefits of being associated with the green movement with those of custom branded product distribution.

There are many choices out there for regular promotional product suppliers, but very few that can offer you a large selection of eco-friendly products as well. One such supplier is Pyra Promotions, a trusted name in the field who has helped hundreds of clients with their quality service and vast item selection.

Now you are equipped to go out there and tackle the green market, to the betterment of the earth, your customers and your business. Times are changing in regards to ecological consideration, and there is no room left for businesses who cannot keep up. Remember to always think of the most environmentally responsible solution, as it will usually be the most profitable one as well!

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