Edge Banding


Edge Banding or Edgebanding can be made of different materials (PVC, ABS, acrylic, melamine, wood or wood veneer). It is used in carpentry and furniture-making. Edge banding is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid (or more valuable) material. Edge banding can also be used instead of features such as face frames or molding. Edgebandings typically come with a primer, which acts like a bonding agent between the adhesive and the substrate.


Thicker edge banding requires a slight concavity to provide a tight glue line. The thickness can vary from .018″ to 5mm or even more. Edgebanding can be applied to the substrate by using hot melt adhesives. Hot melt adhesives can be water or solvent based and they can consists of different raw materials (EVA, PUR, PA, APOA, PO). The machine that applies the edge banding is called edgebander. An edgebander bonds the edge banding to the substrate, trims leading and trailing edge, trims top and bottom flush, scraps any surplus and buffs the edge.


There are three ways to attach edge banding to a project. One is a self-sticking method, similar to applying wallpaper. The other method of applying edge banding is to press it on with a low temperature clothing iron. To avoid getting glue on the iron, aluminum foil should be placed between the project and the iron. The final method for attaching edge banding is to coat it and the project surface with contact cement. The two materials instantly bond when they are pressed together with the help of a roller


This edge banding machine provides better looks of the furniture and interior decoration in residential and commercial premises.


These edge tapes can be replaced as they are readily available in the market. These machines are specially designed for doing the banding operation on table tops, kitchen cabinets, various types of boards, etc. The capacity glue of these edge banding machines come with a 3 kg capacity glue pot which in turn with the help of heating element the do not allow the bonding chemical to dry into solid state. The glue is applied on one side of the edge tape and immediately fixed to the work piece, before the glue dries.


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