Eft For World Crisis

.tags Some people have suggested that doing surrogate EFT tapping for the present world leaders might he helpful in stemming the tide of fear and the war mentality in the world at this time.

My response to this is that while we do not know very much about surrogate tapping as yet, I believe we may be able to help both ourselves and others if we use EFT at this time in either of two ways one is using surrogate (proxy) tapping for world leaders, the other is to create a more balanced, healthy and constructive attitude in ourselves with respect to the current situation.

Here, I will offer some suggestions for using the EFT Choices Method with both of these approaches. Actually, if you elect to do surrogate tapping, you should know that it is often very beneficial for the tapper to do this, even if they do not believe it can work. The degree of peace that you are able to generate within yourself will be what radiates outwards to affect either the recipient of surrogate tapping or people directly around you who may need a comforting sense of inner peace at this time.

So, let’s start with you Here are my suggestions for an EFT set-up phrase that may help you or others cope with world crises.

“Even though there is war, I choose to feel a surprising peace within myself.”

Other possible Choices to use at the end of the same set-up phrase might be:

“I choose to feel peaceful and hopeful, no matter what happens.”

“I choose to be inwardly calm and confident, no matter what happens.”

“I choose to think of small creative ways I can be of help with this crisis each day.”

Or (if your belief system supports this), you might say, “I choose to trust in God’s will (Divine plan, etc.) and know there is a reason for the present situation which I do not understand.”

However, creating Choices for others, as in surrogate tapping, requires a somewhat different type of wording from the above. For example, it is generally unwise to seek to change the BEHAVIOR of another person or group when doing such tapping. Much more productive is an attempt to help them heal the fears, doubts or defensiveness that may have prevented them from creating peaceful solutions to the present international problems. If you accept the premise that surrogate tapping is a form of communication between the tapper and the person (or group) tapped for, you can see that attempts to change behavior (a form of forcing) might be resented and therefore not work or even be counterproductive.

If, in the wording of your Choices you offer leaders or others in power an inner calm and a sense of security which may lead to clear-minded decisions, you will be giving them something very positive. For example, a set-up phrase for this purpose might be:

“Even though we are engaged in war, I choose to have those people in power experience the safety and desirability of peace.”

However, if you prefer to create set-up phrases which are more general in nature, instead of using surrogate tapping you might create this type of phrase:

“Even though a major war is upon us, I choose peace for all living beings.”

If you make this kind of Choice, however, realize that such general statements often fail to register with any precision in communication between human beings, and we might speculate that they may not be as effective as Choices. Being specific always increases the effectiveness of a Choice, and you might try instead some more specific phrases such as the following:

“I choose to see people everywhere allowed to live fulfilling, meaningful, and peaceful lives.” Or,

“I choose to see our world leaders institute new and effective ways to ensure the happiness and security of people everywhere.” Or,

“I choose to see truly meaningful and effective peace negotiations commence between major nations.”

If you decide to use EFT, perhaps with surrogate tapping in response to the present world situation, I suggest that you use whatever tapping regime feels right to you, and that above all you be persistent. Repetition on a daily basis may be one of the most important factors in the success of what you do, so your goal should be best served if you put aside a small amount of time each day for EFT “Peace Tapping”.

If you want to make your EFT Choices even more effective, you can also create EFT cards to carry with you for use at various times throughout the day. You can review these cards while you are waiting on line some place or at any other time when you find a pause in your day’s activities. To do this, I suggest you use 3″ by 5″ index cards, on each separate card writing a single set-up phrase. You can keep these in your pocket or purse to pull out at various times during the day, but the most important thing is to use your EFT cards at bedtime and again upon awakening in the morning, every day. You only need to read each card out loud to yourself once to obtain the effects.

If you are interested in using surrogate tapping, I would point out that experiments in mass communication suggest that if large enough numbers of people concentrate on the same positive goal, that this multiplies the effect of their individual intentions many times over. It you accept surrogate tapping as a possibility therefore, you may be interested to know that a number of people (I am one of them) are beginning to use EFT surrogate tapping to address the world crisis. This means, if you decide to do this, you can consider yourself part of a very well intentioned and dedicated group.

EFT Master, Dr. Patricia Carrington

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