Egg-Shaped House in Beijing

Dai Haifei, 24 years old from Hunan province, has built and placed a small egg-shaped house in a courtyard in Beijing as a place to stay at night. When news came out, the house immediately caused great concerns of people and authorities.

Dai Haifei is a new graduate student and a designer for a design company in Beijing. Inspired by a prototype “egg house” during his internship for Standard Architecture (SA), he built the two-meter-tall structure in Hunan Province and later placed it near his company in Beijing. According to Dai Haifei, he moved into egg house because he couldn’t afford Beijing’s high rental prices. The adorable egg house mostly wins people’s recognition for being green. The two-meter-wide and three-meter-long egg shell is constructed from bamboo strips and layered with bamboo matting. The little house is equipped with lights, electric blanket and a pump-powered washbasin.

The egg-shaped house in Beijing with its owner Dai Haifei.

Dai Haifei lives in this house to avoid high rent of apartment in Beijing.

Dai Haifei constructed the house from July to September with financial help from cousin and no counting labor.

The egg shell is placed under the building of Dai Haifei’s company. He can get to work within seconds.

There are a few books hanging on the wall

The house relies on electricity from the solar panel on its roof and battery recharged in the company’s workshop once a month.

Dai Haifei has been living in the house for almost 2 months.

Dai Haifei works in a design company in Beijing.

The green plants on the surface of the house wins people’s recognition for being green

Haidian Urban Management said the house was illegal construction and should be removed.

The two-meter-long bed is the largest furniture in small room

In the bed places a small electronic alarm clock and small lamp

The oval-shaped house is difficult to recognize at night.



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