Election in These United States


As if we didn’t have enough junk in our inboxes every day, now for the next two months, we have the barrage of political cartoons. Some are silly, some vicious, some are intelligently satirical, and some are just stupid. But to me, not one is particularly good for us. We live in an energetic universe. Deepak Chopra says that when we look at a star, we exchange energy with it. When we send out negativity, it is never innocent. It goes into the bank of mass consciousness. More than any man’s actions alone, mass consciousness simmers and creates mass hysteria.

What a catharsis November brings! Lives are going to change. Paths are going to take quantum leaps. Someone is going to pack up and move to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and someone isn’t. Imagine!

“Life is change; growth is optional. Choose wisely!” ~ Karen Kaiser Clark

Change is the only thing that is constant. We are either going forward or we are going backward. And we experience it all, from the depths of our inner perception. We react to it from our personal emotional system. We each feel our experiences as separate beings, and no two experiences are any more alike that any two fingerprints. But in the energetic realm, we are a buzzing hive of one life force, expressing through each being on the planet.

And so, we will all feel the reverberation of one person’s victory in November. It will ripple through all our lives. Some will be happy, some will want to leave the country. Some will know that their own vibration is more powerful in creating their own experience than the policies of a hundred Presidents. But in recognizing that we are all involved right now in the election of a new leader, it would serve to remember that we are all one.

If you were coasting silently in a hot-air balloon, or a spaceship, you might look down on the United States with an eye to the energy that is circulating and see that it is one mass of vibration. If you were to look at history, from somewhere far away in time, it would become one stream of energy. And if you were to get into the stream, you would know that there is a rhythm to the flow, a rhythm that is natural and can be trusted.

Then, I believe, you could know that you can vote for who feels right to you, and you could relax and be so confident in what feels right, that you wouldn’t need to bash, in cartoon or written or spoken word, nor feel a need to beat down, anyone or anything in order to win. I have waited my whole adult life for a candidate that was so dynamic in his or her vision for the highest good of all, that his or her election would never once be facilitated by even commenting on the opposition. I will wait for that ideal. But in my meantime of due diligence, I will try to rest in my confident vote, without the need to bash the other side.

I am not interested in what you are against; I want to know what you are FOR. I truly believe that when we harp on the things that we don’t like, we exchange energy with them, and we keep them alive. When we look for solutions more than we look at the problems, we heal. When we look at the things that we like, we create more of all that we find good.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. ~Ghandi

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