Eliminating Gallstones Naturally


Eliminating Gallstones Naturally

Are you a sufferer of gallstones? Then you may be having severe pain on upper part of abdomen and also between the shoulder blades. You are also having nausea. It is imperative that you must get rid of the gallstones soon or it will lead to more severe complications. But there is no necessity of a risky surgery. Any type of gallstones – cholesterol, pigment, malic acid, multiple etc – both in men and women can be cured completely and safely by Home Remedies.

Before going for a treatment you must have a clear knowledge about the disease. When the bile stored in gall bladder solidifies due to excess quantity of cholesterol or bilirubin in it, gallstones are formed. The stones may form either in the gallbladder or in the bile duct through which bile flows. Bile is secreted by liver for digesting fats and it is stored in gallbladder and pumped out when required. The gallstones block the bile duct so that bile cannot flow through it and gets accumulated in the duct as well as in the gall bladder. This leads to inflammation and severe pain.

Let us examine the basic reasons for gallstone formation. Since pregnancy, obesity and presence of excess estrogens or cholesterol cause gallstone, women are more prone to this problem. Old age and fasting also will cause formation of gallstones.

Heredity, low-fiber high-fat diet, use of cholesterol lowering drugs, frequent constipation and Diabetes are also considered as reasons for formation of gallstones.

The common symptoms are severe pain on upper part of abdomen as well as backside between the shoulder blades, nausea and indigestion, clay colored stools, dark colored urine and yellow tinge in the eyes as well as on skin.

As in the case of other diseases, practicing a few good habits will help to prevent gallstones as well as speed up the process of curing.

– Healthy diet containing nuts, vegetables, calcium phosphate, less carbohydrate and no junk food

– Drink coffee daily

– Drink plenty of water

– Do physical exercises


Home Remedies for gallstones are of two types:

1.   Conventional Home Remedies.This type of treatment will cure gallstones slowly and will take 2 to 3 months for complete cure.

2.   Improvised Home Remedy.This is a quick method. Your gallstones will be flushed out just within 24 hours.

Examples of Conventional Home Remedy

Consume two tea spoons of Quebra Pedra herb in 500 ml water daily for two months

Eat daily, cherries and horseradish and drink apple juice daily

Drink fresh juices of cucumber, carrot and beets twice everyday.

Nature can cure you only if..

If you allow nature to dissolve gallstones ,nature can act over your gallbladder to dissolve & pass all stones without pain & side effects.


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