Email Marketing Tip #3


We have covered a few good methods to keep getting good response from your email marketing efforts. Now we wanted to share a email marketing secret that the top earners already know and you may too. However if you are not actively implementing this technique, you may be missing out on quite a bit of free traffic, sign ups, or even sales!

I know that there are so many articles and methods out there on email marketing that many times the points that are brought up get convoluted or watered down through time.  However, this

Email Marketing Tip #3

Give it away for free! Always have something for nothing in your emails!

You love it, I love it, everybody loves something for free.  It makes no difference what you are giving away in your email list as long as it has something to do with your mailing list topic and is something that will interest your audience.

Some people that run huge mailing lists actually will ship products out to members, some just have a free download or simple program to give away, or you may even offer a free promo spot on your site for members who “respond” to what ever your most recent promotion may be.

The answer to most all email campaign problem is that you must stop trying to “take” and start trying to “give”.  Even if you do not make money from giving something away for free you will start building a repore with your readers.  This is more important than getting one sale out of 500 emails you send out.  If you can build a relationship with your readers and they trust you and know that you are always bringing information of “Value” to your messages, when you do want to send out a sales letter, your response rate will go through the roof!

I want you to think hard about this one.

When was the last time you received an email from a mailing list that you are subscribed to that you were Happy to get?  I mean really exited and happy about reading, so happy it made you go back and check out the senders website?

Well for most people this does not happen very often and that is the problem with 90% of every email campaign out there today.  If you can send messages that readers are eager and excited to open because they know that you are going to give them something of value and maybe even something free, they will read every message you send for years to come.

To Success,

Nick Simpson

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