Emotion: Anxiety


Anxiety is often associated with physical and behavioral changes in an individual. This happens when there’s a situation perceived to be dangerous. Anxiety is not a normal reaction to stress. While stress may come from real stimulus, anxiety may be a result of too much worry in situations which are often unreal. People with this negative emotion may always feel that they are in danger. They normally overreact to situations which inhibit them from doing their functions. Based from cognitive studies, the best way to alleviate anxiety is through transforming it to fear.  In this way, they will probably know how to deal with anxiety. To recognize the root of anxiety is very important to find the cure for it.

Being anxious is like having a natural alarm system which alerts the body to react to danger when there is none. Anxiety is often caused by too much worry. Because of this, the ability to think clearly is compromised due to the blinding effect of anxiety over an individual. They may be a slave of their own imagination. For being anxious may often lead to constant panic. This general type of anxiety disorder can be treated according to studies. The recovery may take about 3-4 months in most cases. It may take a shorter time if the patient will cooperate and work hard against anxiety.

If a person motivates himself to be not okay, then anxiety will take its course through his life. Fighting it off may often require courage and cooperation from the individual. Simple, it’s your own choice. Anxiety is the body’s multisystem response to danger or threat. It shows behavioral changes on the individual. Biochemical changes also include social situation and patient’s personal memory and history.

It is an emotion that sends an individual to the future. Being anxious about the consequences of invisible dangers may often be worried about. It may interfere with a person’s normal life. While medications may be proven to be effective to battle this disorder, it may also be a good option to try out a self-healing method. Meditation is one way to cope up with anxiety. Conditioning your mind is a helpful way to turn this negative emotion to a productive and pleasant thought. Changing the way you think and feel may be challenging but may prove to be very beneficial to treat your anxiety. To know the benefits of meditation to combat anxiety, visit http://meditate.com.au/ for useful info.



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