Energy Saving Appliances for a Cleaner, Greener Lifestyle


The alarming rate at which automobiles, better and cheaper electronic appliances, & gadgets, etc, are hitting the market, is taking a heavy toll on our planet. After all; the materials used to manufacture all of these are excruciatingly hazardous to nature around us. Even bulbs, lights, fans, ACs, refrigerators, kitchen appliances, etc. in our house have proven to be dangerous because almost a majority of them contain Lead or Mercury among various other poisonous metals. Plastics, for instance, are one of the most dangerous substances currently being proven the cause of many Cancers. Moreover, even lighting equipment, audio equipment, furniture, our cars or SUVs, etc. cause indirect environmental impact, based on the amount of pollution they cause and rapid depletion of natural resources such as coal and fuel as many of them are dependent on electricity. Higher electricity requirements cause burning more fuel, thereby releasing dangerous pollutants in the atmosphere. For surviving in such an unsafe environment, it becomes imperative to protect our children from the dangers and outbreaks of allergens and epidemics. However, where can we run? Unless, we build a clean, healthy, and safe environment, there won’t be anywhere left for us to run to! Just with that thought, I took a leap of faith and adopted an absolutely cleaner, safer, “Greener” approach to everything around me.


And this change for me has started with using greener, energy-efficient electric equipments for our home & office. Efficient energy use or using energy saving electrical or electronic equipment can be easily adopted and implemented by us in our day-to-day life and our surroundings. For e.g., I replaced all of my household lighting sources from regular bulbs and tube lights to fluorescent lights or natural skylights. These have reduced energy requirements to attain the same level of illumination compared to using traditional incandescent light bulbs. These fluorescent lights consume two-thirds less energy, and may last approximately 6 to 10 times longer than incandescent lights. Moreover, I got my entire house completely insulated. This keeps it warmer (or cooler) for longer periods without having to keep the heating (or cooling) equipment running longer, which would’ve wasted fuel and increased pollution. Additionally, I’ve even replaced my AC and refrigerators to eco-friendly units, which consume less electricity, and provide huge savings. Our microwave oven is also an eco-friendly electronic appliance that does cook good, in fact better meals than the previous one, along with saving a lot on time and bills. In the long run, my expenses for heating (or cooling during summer), have drastically reduced, so much that I could now afford a mini-vacation for my kids. I must not miss out to say that, my desktop computer, and especially its monitor are Energy Star certified. Such devices operate using 20% to 30 % lesser electricity than others. This makes for a much safer and healthier environment around us with very low fuel consumption or pollution emissions, meanwhile allowing us the freedom to help us live our life better with a handful of eco-friendly electronic gadgets, vehicles, food, clothing, etc.

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