Engaged To A Foreigner? Consider The K-1 Visa

Engaged to a Foreigner? Consider the K-1 Visa

Are you engaged to a foreigner? Do you want her to join you here in the United States? Have you made inquiries about getting a fiancee visa for her? If you said yes to all, then you already know that a K-1 visa is what you need, and that acquiring one is a very complicated process.

Having a visa is the key to the migration process. If a foreign national wants to marry an American citizen in the United States, the proper visa to get is the K-1 visa, not a tourist visa. The K-1 visa will be the first step for her to be a citizen of the United States. Several documents have to be submitted in order for one to qualify for a K-1 visa. These documents need to be precise, accurate and complete. Incomplete documentation can lead to delay or denial of your visa application.

Knowing all the necessary documents to submit will help you get your visa approved in just a short period of time. If you want help identifying and gathering all these documents, check out www.easyfiancevisa.com. EasyFianceVisa.com has the expertise and experience that will best help you through the process of acquiring a K-1 visa. You would not need to get the services of expensive immigration lawyers. You immediately get substantial savings on our affordable service packages.

A K-1 visa must be filed by an American citizen in the United States. We will help you file a petition on behalf of your foreign fiancee. The documents you need to submit to prove your citizenship must include your birth certificate or naturalization certificate. You must also include documents to prove that both of you are eligible to marry. A divorce decree or an annulment certificate is sufficient evidence to prove that former marriages have legally ceased to exist. A death certificate of a former spouse will also serve as conclusive evidence of this. You must also show several documents that will prove that you have a real, and not a make believe, relationship with your fiancee. You should also have seen her at least once in the last two years, so documents to support this fact are necessary additions to the petition. Financial records must also be submitted to prove that you have the capacity to support a wife.

These are not easy documents to assemble in just a short period of time, but with the help of EasyFianceVisa.com, you will be able to accomplish all requirements and get them all completely organized. Your petition will be faultless and will not lack for anything vital. We are very thorough and detailed, as attested by our 100% success rate in visa processing. We will not let you commit any mistakes in your K-1 visa application. Call us now at (888) 894-8655 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting(888) 894-8655end_of_the_skype_highlighting and let us help you start your married life with your beloved fiancee in the soonest possible time.

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