Enjoy Serene and Tranquil Environment at Best and Well-maintained African Shoreline, Port Harcourt!!!

When it comes to tourism in summer, Nigeria comes at first for its serene and tranquil beaches. Visiting a coastline is perhaps the only tourism activity that is equally popular among all age groups. The beaches of the city are the main attraction that attract Port Harcourt flights and are one of the most excited sites to tour. Port Harcourt has two kinds of beaches; Natural and man made.


Port Harcourt Tourist Beach: It’s a man-made beach that was made with the basic purpose of boasting tourism in the region that is depicted from its name. This white sand coastline was created in 1988 along the Kolabi Creek line. Visitors take flights to Port Harcourt and come here for playing with excited waves of clear and tranquil water, or to have a picnic party there, or simply walking through the hiking trails. Swimming is also very safe and popular here.  A number of restaurants and cafes are also there to serve you local meals and drinks. It is very well maintained by local government to serve tourists to the region at its best. Every year the number of tourists getting into the region by taking flights to Port Harcourt is increasing significantly.


Ifoko Beach: It’s a natural shore line that is maintained by locals of the region. Its not only a tourists spot but is greatly serving as a source of employment for many locals depending upon the fishing and other kinds of tourism services in the region. It is bordered by a rainforest. If you take cheap Port Harcourt flight in addition to having a walk, swimming, picnic, and shopping there you may view some of the regions best wildlife in this rainforest. Whales may also be seen here but it’s very rare. If you are a sea food lover you may also go to any of the restaurant in the region serving fresh sea food.


Private Beaches: The city of Port Harcourt is well served by a number of private beaches that are created by the beach resorts authorities. These are mostly visited by those taking flights to Port Harcourt from UK and other western countries because they provide western style accommodation. They are also preferred by couples seeking some privacy. Again it is very popular among those seeking some good place for their honey moon.  The natural beauty and best climatic conditions of the region have all to make your journey pleasant as well as memorable.

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