Enjoy Your Dinner As Watching Arabian Show


Orlando is definitely a place of entertainment and attractions. Among those, Arabian Night Dinner Show is the best. If you want to have your dinner and watch a perfomance in the biggest indoor equestrian arena, then this is where you would not want to miss the chance to visit.


The show is based on the classic tale of Princess Scheherazade and her search for the prince of her dreams. More than 60 beautiful horses and 40 performers put on a nearly two-hour show that is as elaborate as anything that has been on Broadway. The tale combines magic, romance and adventure.


The entertainment area is an immense 14,000 square foot Palace of Horses. In the show two “genies” conjure up a series of entertainers for the entertainment of the princess and her guests. These include a Ben Hur chariot race, a western square dance, Gypsy bareback riders and more. There are around 20 different acts in this production.


There is no dust or bad smells in the arena because the surface is built with “fibar,” a manmade pinewood chip providing a perfect surface for the horses.


In addition to viewing the main show it is also possible to purchase a VIP Package which will enable you to go into the stables and meet the horses and performers. Children get to climb up on one of the Gypsy horses for a unique photo opportunity and souvenir of the evening. On top of that, holders of the VIP Package get guaranteed seats in the first three rows.


Even if you do not buy the VIP package, you can still get memorable photos and souvenirs because as soon as you enter the Great Hall you can get your photos taken against a themed background. When the show is over, the photos are brought to your table. In addition, the gift shop features a large selection of horse figures, cards, jewelry and other souvenirs from the show. What about the meal? Don’t worry, you will be treated to a meal that includes prime rib, chopped steak, grilled chicken breast, chicken tenders and vegetable lasagna, dinner rolls, steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.


For desert, you can enjoy the Princess’s wedding cake. The meal also includes a house salad before the main course. You won’t have any difficulty in finding seats because the theater has a capacity of 1200. It has been open since 1988 and in that time millions of people have enjoyed the show and dined there. You can usually buy a ticket the day of the show. As with many of the diner shows of Orlando, this is a good venue for group events. Group functions take place in a special “skybox” with a capacity of 80.


You can reserve the skybox for wedding receptions and company parties. So, if you are looking for a night time outing that the whole family can enjoy, then make sure you keep one evening free for this spectacular dinner show. The contact information is as follows: Arabian Nights 6225 W. Bronson Hwy. Kissimmee, FL 800-553-6116 407


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